Episode 128: Craig the Bear

Recorded 2/8/18

For the second week in a row the PoV team met up to chat and this time we recorded it. We had a few mishaps along the way, but we wouldn’t be Potterficweekly if we didn’t. Ryan will explain our newest friend Craig once we get going, he’s a good minion but not a great one. Bob starts us off by telling us what’s been happening with him since New Years, poor Bob. Then Danielle joins us after Ella goes down to talk about Stranger Things and This is Us. Scott is missing as he had other plans on the only night we could meet up, we did talk with him a bit before the recording began so we know he’s doing well. Enjoy the insanity that is Poufwa.

Episode 127: We are Bob

Recorded 10/17/17

Here’s the latest episode of PointofViewWeekly, recorded last month.We discuss the new Star Trek shows, books we’ve been reading and a little Critical Role. Danielle gets Ella to bed and then joins us late, Bob has other commitments and has to leave early and Sue goes mute to answer a phone call. Along the way we talk about ducking, Captain Malfoy and cats. Scott becomes unplugged and Sue tells a bad joke. Sit back and enjoy this episode of Poufwa.

Episode 126: It’s a Poufwa Night!


Recorded 9/21/17

Welcome to Poufwa Whenever!! In true Poufwa fashion we gathered together for a podcast. Ryan was on a new computer as his had eaten our last podcast and Bob was Twitching. Danielle was sick and MIA, Scott was jet lagged from Ireland and Sue was cussing her computer. But come together we did and we even talked about things. What, I don’t remember, but we talked. We hope you enjoy this crazy podcast. We promise to try and get them out a little more regularly.

Episode 125: Fishers Finally Finished Fantastic Beasts

Recorded 5/2/17

Welcome to Poufwa Whenever!! We gathered together to give each other recommendations for shows, books, games we thought the others would enjoy, but first we get sidetracked. It starts with Ryan wanting to do a quote, then jumps to Fantastic Beasts. Yes, they’ve finally watched it!! And Bob is still have strong feelings about the movie and the actors. Scott joins us late and Sue has to leave early, but we all manage to be there at some point. At the end of the show we do get around to our recommendations which are as varied as we are. We hope you enjoy the show and we’ll do our best to record another one soon.

Episode 124: We Missed Something

Recorded 3/15/17

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to sit down together and podcast, so even though two of our usual group can’t make it, we podcast anyway. Sue has a question about ghosts, Ryan realizes we’ve missed something and Bob invites you to watch him on Twitch. Sue and Bob talk D&D while Ryan chases a cat. We hope that Danielle is feeling better and that we find Scott who is MIA for this one.

We hope to be able to get together again before three months are up.

Episode 123: Bob has Lost His F-ing Mind

Recorded 12/14/16

When we talked about doing this podcast we had a few subjects to talk about, but it turned out there were only two that got mentioned. Ryan went on a rant about Gilmore Girls, the revival. Then Bob had a few words to say about Fantastic Beasts, most of them started with F. We talk a little about the one Star Wars movie. All in all we just had a good time sitting down and talking again. Ryan and Danielle open a Christmas gift on air. We won’t be doing a Holiday episode this year, so there are a couple of holiday favorites attached to this, enjoy.

We at Poufwa wish you a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. We want to thank you for listening and being a part of our Poufwa family. You all mean a lot to us.

Happy Holidays.

Episode 122: Poufwa on Politics

Recorded 11/15/16

This is what happens when you mix the coasts with the middle of the states and throw a Canadian in for good measure. Join us for some hard hitting thoughts on our recent election. Bob is AWOL, so we pulled Lady Chi in for the ride and if you know Lady Chi and Ryan, you’ll know it was a ride. No blood was shed and we’re all still friends. At the end we talk briefly about Ella’s Birthday Stories. Congratulations to the story Family Meeting for getting the most votes. If you are interested in reading these stories they can be found here.

Episode 121: Math with Bob

Recorded 9/13/16

We’ve been away for a month and are excited to get back together for a chat. We learn how to count with Bob. And while waiting for Canada to join us, we plan for Ella’s first birthday. Sue gets confused by a message from Scott. There’s discussion of Star Wars and Star Trek Then Ryan sends Bob his love.

Here’s a link to one of the costumes Danielle liked for Ella’s birthday.
Costume Link

The other one is up on the Poufwa Facebook page. If you aren’t already a member, you should check it out, we’d be happy to add you to the group.

Episode 120: Poufwa Reviews The Cursed Child

Recorded 8/9/16

Jo Rowling released a new book, so Poufwa gathered together to discuss it. In this podcast you will hear our thoughts on the new story, Ryan’s ramblings when left alone and what happens when Sue has too much root-beer. Danielle is back, Melinda joins in as a guest host and Bob and Scott round out the group. There will be spoilers for The Cursed Child, you have been warned. Sit back and enjoy.

Episode 118 – Trumping Pokémon

Recorded on 7/19/16

In tonight’s manly-men episode (with the exception of Deirdre from Maryland), Sue is literally wandering aimlessly in the woods. We discuss Pokémon and Donald Trump as the second evening of the RNC goes on in the background.

This is the most political episode of Poufwa since the episode where we tried to explain the Rick Perry/Kay Bailey Hutchinson Texas gubernatorial matchup to Jen Classic using sock puppets.

If you are a Donald Trump supporter, just remember all the reasons you loved us before hitting download.

I feel we should give background noise ratings for podcasts, inspired by those Smokey Bear fire warnings. This one is largely unedited from the live feed, and Bob randomly beeps from time to time.

Happy listening!

Episode 117: RIP Richard, AKA Lonely Riddle Pokemon

Recorded on 6/26/16

Danielle is on baby patrol or maybe just catching up on her sleep in this episode. Ryan has an encounter with the UPS man and if you are a frequent listener, you know how those go. Sue threatens her internet company while Bob tries to kill Lonely Riddle. And Scott just sits back and basks in his mapleness. Star Trek fan films are on the line as some go a lot overboard and draw too much attention to themselves. The good news is the podcasts are not under the new guidelines so Sue and Ryan’s favorite podcast will be returning. We all appreciate Jo all the more for allowing fan fiction and the fandom their freedom.

Happy 4th of July

Stay safe


Episode 116: Sue’s a Debby Downer

Recorded 6/7/16

WARNING: This episode may be depressing.  Tonight we gather together, after almost a month, to console Sue after a terrible weekend.  It’s the night of the CA primary, so you know we Ryan had to talk about that.  The topic for the evening is The Martian, so we talk about everything but the book. Bob has a new idea for the podcast, you will find the link he talks about here. Keep track of your numbers, so you can be added to the house you where you belong.  In spite everything, we hope you enjoy today’s episode.

Episode 115: Have a Lice Day!

Recorded 5/10/16

Sue and Scott are AWOL for this episode and Jen2 was having a bad week, so she’s guest hosting. Prepare to be grossed out and itchy as you listen to this episode. Jen’s having a bad bug filled week and so is Bob, just in different states. Ryan and Danielle are just working on little to no sleep. We start out in true POV fashion, with Ryan not able to get Bob and Jen on the same line, yes it’s going to be one of those nights. Sit back, enjoy and scratch to your hearts content as we bring you, “Have a Lice Day.”

Enjoy the episode.

Episode 114: Bob’s Busy with Bronchitis

Recorded 4/18/16

Baby Ella went to bed early, so we decided to podcast. Bob is feeling a little better, but is missing his podcasting voice.  Scott got lost on his way to the recording studio and Sue went to the moon. Ryan and Danielle have turned into Jen. Our plan for the night was to discuss the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Homework for the next episode is to read The Martian. No watching the movie doesn’t count.  

Enjoy the episode.

Episode 113: Poufwa on Weddings

Recorded 3/22/16

Ryan and Danielle are being held hostage by their non sleeping daughter, so we recruit Lady Chi for tonight’s podcast.  It’s our plan to talk about Arrow and The Flash, but as with most Poufwa plans we get “slightly off topic” and talk – weddings.  We do get some Arrow, The Flash and other show discussion in at the end.  Join us as we belatedly wish Bob “Happy Birthday”.  It’s fun having Chi back, she doesn’t order Chinese food, but there is some cooking going on in the background.  We also talk Cons and here is a link to the poster Chi talks about.

We hope you enjoy the show.   

Episode 112: Ryan Breaks out the Sock Puppets

Recorded on February 24

Tune in tonight to find out who Danielle will “Marry, Bang, Kill.” We also find out how John Barrowman answers that same question. Danielle is having a tired night, as Ella has had her shots and is protesting them by not letting herself be put down. Sue’s new router isn’t going to do what she thinks it’s going to do and Bob tells us what “creeps him out.” Sue and Scott recap some of the fun they had at Portland’s Wizard Con.

In the background the POV cast attempts to burn down the place again, this time using leaking water to spark things up. April provides them with new digs, but they don’t want to move. Finally Bob finds the magic button and everyone rushes to the showers, except Ryan, who rushes for COFFEE! There may be some reality to our Sims. Thanks so much April for our new house.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Episode 111 – It’s Not Niffle! It’s Nipple!

Recorded on February 9, 2016

Episode 111 has been released!

In tonight’s episode, we play Jackbox games and offer in-depth coverage of the New Hampshire primary, which boils down to me screaming at my TV like a maniac!

We also break the glass around the Poufwanian Constitution to double-check the line of succession when I’m viciously attacked moments in the episode.

Bob’s mother finds him a lady friend, I send all my money to the Cayman Islands, Danielle discovers she’s from the future, and Ella does an extended Darth Vader impression! Sue just hears voices, and we’re on hold with Canada for much of the episode!

We are proud to introduce a new segment – Bob’s Burgers! Listen to Bob describe beef for five straight minutes!

Happy Listening!

Episode 110: Geriatric Love in all the Wrong Places

Recorded on January 26

Bob had the great idea to put all the hosts in one room together and make us argue Harry Potter. Based on the game “Movie Fights”, Bob had each host come up with an HP moment to battle for and then turned us loose. But Bob forgot that most of us are Hufflepuffs. The battle ends in a neck and neck tie and moves on to a tie breaker, which can only have one winner. It’s a Puff battle to the end. Oh, and Ella joins the cast tonight in a supporting role as she snuggles in! She only cries once when Daddy gets a little too excited.

Don’t forget you can watch us live on our twitch channel, we will post upcoming podcast dates in our Facebook group. If you haven’t joined us on Facebook, send us a request and we’ll happily add you.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

Episode 109 – Pouvwa’s On Fire!

Welcome to Season 4 of PointOfViewWeekly!

Jumping into 2016, Pouvwa reviews Star Wars – The Force Awakens!

We’re very excited to announce that all of our upcoming episodes will stream live on our PoufwaPlays Twich page at twitch.tv/poufwaplays. You can listen and participate to the podcast while checking out our inappropriately dressed Sim characters that apparently have a violent streak! We promise you won’t be able to look away!

Also joining Pouvwa during this episode is our newest co-host and second generation Poufwanian, Ella!

Our thoughts and prayers go to out to all of those who feel the loss of Alan Rickman, who passed away the morning after this recording.

Episode 108: POVW Says Goodbye…For Now

Recorded October 19, 2015.

As we celebrate the season finale of POVW we talk about the reasons we love to podcast. Danielle shows off her blender. We wonder “what’s in a name?” There may be a Captains Log and Pods of Casting. In the end we all decide that we love each other and that’s why we get together each week and we love to share it with all of you. We will talk at you again in January. And just because, we leave you with this thought: Olaf is unisex.

Enjoy our nonsense.

Episode 107: Happy Thanksgiving….Canada!!

Recorded October 12, 2015

As we near the end of our season, the POV crew gets together to talk about Bob’s obsession with The West Wing.  And swearing.   With his parents in the audience.  Danielle’s getting close to having the baby (Same baby!  There wasn’t another blizzard!)  Will there be an extreme labor & delivery podcast?  And why is Sue doing a PSA about not licking Scott?

Tune in and find out!  

Episode 106: It’s FATE!

Recorded September 28, 2015.

Tonight we finish the first act of FATE. We find out what happens when Danielle gives Ryan direction, he wants his Mommy. Can our intrepid crew get the part they need? Will they make it off the planet? Who’s paying for this thing anyway? Join us to find out the answers to all the burning questions. Oh and bring a gas mask.

We hope you enjoy our bumbling adventures.

Episode 105: Better Twice Than Not At All

Recorded September 23, 2015.

Tonight we are Live once again, thanks to Bob. We have an unusual intro hijacker, an evil presence and someone worse than Ryan. And it’s all the same person. We talk about various fandoms and show. We indulge in the special things that JKR has to say. We take a walk down Dalek Lane, where Sue enjoys hanging out. And to make our live podcast “legal” we invite our live listeners to join us in a game of QuipLash. It’s surprisingly a lot of fun.

We will do our best to have other live game nights soon. Stay tuned to the Poufwa Skype chat and the Facebook group for live podcast updates.

We will be ending our season soon as we welcome a new Poufwanian to the group and get ready for the holiday season. Don’t worry, we have planed an amazing audio drama for you for the holidays. So you’ll not be without us for too long.

Happy listening!

Episode 104: Ryan’s At It Again!

Recorded September 15, 2015.

Tonight, we jump into FATE: Star Trek! We re-christen our now slightly less offensive starship, turn a simple shopping trip into a Monk-style Hail Mary involving prostitutes and a complete failure to get our names right. One part. We just need one part.

We also launch a new opening segment. Or try to, that is.

Happy listening!

Episode 103: We Spell A Lot

Recorded September 8, 2015.

In this episode we try and play FATE, emphasis on try. Sue and Bob are having a fight, while Ryan and Danielle bicker. Scott stays neutral. Ryan’s getting tired of pulled pork and there may have been a baby shower. Sue’s running FATE while being played by a Dalek. All in all it’s a train wreck, so typical POVW.

The FATE music is “Fanfare for Space” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

You can find the song itself at http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300026.

Episode 102 – This One is for Tricia!

From September 2, 2015, this is Episode 102 of PointOfViewWeekly!

Tonight:  Bob’s under the weather, Sue’s had shocking news about LeakyCon and angry Ryan and Danielle land an advice column!  A Las Vegas convention may be planned, and the Canadian economy may have just collapsed.  Something.

The hosts  draw.  It’s a podcast.   We don’t get it either.    Ryan’s still in arms.

Happy listening!


11145187_10155977931215464_2000802925224063419_n 11951847_10155977933470464_5076046567852607945_n11221902_10155970056690414_837526746386881341_n

Episode 101: Let’s Eat!

From August 27, 2015, this is a Fisher-less podcast.  There’s a kitten in a tree, body part willies and lots of caffeine.  Bob’s hanging out with a real babe.  We talk about our favorite before or after podcast meals. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

Episode 100: We are Full of Shite

From August 19, 2015, the hosts of PointofViewWeeky celebrate our 100th episode!  This episode features an epic Pouwanian flash-from-the-past to discussion of The Goonies, Star Wars and West Wing to random bottom tingling.
Cora, our dedicated listener, editor and the only woman who could ship Ryan/Umbridge sums up Pouvwa in one sentence. “My favorite moments …are when Ryan decided to blow up the toilet during one of the Aurors episodes.” 
We’ll let that simmer.
If anyone else would like to share their favorite moments, please do so on the forum or on our Facebook page!
Don’t forget to hit the Dan Rydell baby pool at our forum at http://www.potterficforum.com/index.php?topic=7360.msg486661#msg486661.  Ryan reserves the right to both participate and feed Danielle jalepeno peppers at any time.
Happy 100th Everyone!!

Episode 99 – Wil Wheaton Does Melindaleo

Episode 99 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Recorded August 12, 2015. In this episode, we review Ernest Cline’s recently published second novel, Armada!

Tune in next week for our 100th episode! What are your favorite moments from the past three years? Send in a voicemail and let us know! Email an mp3 to ryan@potterficweekly.com, upload it somewhere and share the link, or set up a time to call one of us on Skype and we’ll record it for you. Rather not talk? Write an email or leave a comment on the Poufwa Facebook page, and we’ll read some of the best on the podcast.

Happy listening!

Episode 98 – We’re So Angry We Feel Like Swearing

Episode 98 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Recorded August 4, 2015. In this episode, Sue the Destroyer kills the Kambucha on Pouvwa’s third birthday. Picture your favorite Jen story, but angrier. We review 1984′s classic “The Last Starfighter” in preparation for our review of Ernest Cline’s second novel, Armada, coming soon. Closing out tonight’s podcast, in response to last week’s shoutout for fan fiction detailing a Ryan/Bobo with Umbridge/Belatrix double date, we offer a no-prep Poufwa radio play! Thanks to author, listener and tireless PotterFicWeekly editor, Cora!

Happy listening!

Episode 97 – Would You Rather Shoot Mist in Denmark?

Episode 97 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

For July 29, 2015, we’re all here! We play a Poufwanian game of “Would You Rather?” Jen returns, Danielle shoots things, Scott waves from a corner, Sue collapses from cat exhaustion and Bob loves his lighting. We try to figure out Europe, go off on Minnesotan dentists and Donald Trump, and there’s a whole subplot with Jen’s bathtub.

Happy listening!

Episode 96 – It’s Up! Bob’s a Diva!

Episode 96 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

For July 22, 2015, we review our Star Trek homework as we flesh out our fate characters. Everything from school prayer to how to properly drug me comes up!

Happy listening!

Episode 95 – Peg-legging Didn’t Beat It; Bob Wants Us To Be Bi

Episode 95 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

For July 7, 2015, we discuss our Star Trek FATE characters, get sex ed from Bob, and remember that time Danielle got drunk in Episode 24. Our sound quality was pretty bad in the raw episode but the creative editing managed to save it. Sue at points is played by Sue from another dimension.

The homework for this episode is to watch the following Star Trek episodes.

From Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 4 – The Wounded
Season 6 – Relics

From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season 1 – Duet
Season 2 – Blood Oath (and if you have time, keep watching the next two episodes, The Maquis, Parts 1&2.)

Happy listening!

Episode 94 – The One Where We’re Controversial

Episode 94 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

For July 1, 2015, our crew is Bo-Bo-less for the second and hopefully last time. We discuss the Gilmore Guys podcast, Canada and the recent marriage equality court ruling. In that order. Our main discussion is a review of the Netflix original series, Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen. Two forty-year marriages are turned on their heads in this extremely well cast dramedy, and if you’ve ever heard of any of these actors, you need to check it out immediately.

Happy listening!

Episode 93 – Checking for Leaches Down There

Episode 93 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

For June 23, 2015, our Bo-Bo-lacking crew catches up on their recent vacation escapades, goes in depth on Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me,” starring Wil Wheaton. I know it’s been 29 years, but spoilers… Also covered are today’s Harry Potter announcements on Pottermore and a plug for the Season 2 premiere of The Last Ship.

Happy listening!

Episode 92 – Sue is a Horny Cologist

Episode 92 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Recorded earlier this evening on June 9, 2015, tonight’s podcast covers the latest in the Harry Potter and Star Wars universes, in addition to all our favorite podcasts of past and present. We discuss Sue’s week in New England, her kidnapping of famed fan-fiction author Melindaleo, and what she enjoys doing in the woods early in the morning. Danielle’s dishwasher causes her to snap, I make a loud noise in violation of every podcast rule I ever made, and Bob melts. Scott could not join us this week, after being refused to entry back into Canada.

Happy listening!

Episode 91 – Bobby is Armed, and it’s all Ryan’s Fault

Episode 91 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Recorded on June 2, 2015, tonight’s podcast covers the announcement of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s expansion to Los Angeles and a chat with Melindaleo about her new Harry Potter fan fiction!  Bob also crashes a wedding with a zombie apocalypse and it turns out I mess up everything I touch.   I can’t even blame Canada.

For homework this week, we shared pictures of our most favorite and least favorite parts of our homes!   Here they are, in order discussed.

Happy listening!













Episode 90: It Only Took Ten Years

Recorded May 12. After an hour of Ryan’s internet pretending to be Sue’s internet, we finally sit down to record our discussion of Firefly. You get just the Firefly bits as the rest was awful. In true Poufwa fashion we don’t always stay on topic. This is our last pre-recorded posthaste; everything that comes after this should be released the night it’s recorded.

Episode 89: Bob on Bees

Recorded April 28.  Tonight, we discuss Wil Wheaton’s Memories of the Future and his recollections of filming the first season of Star Trek: TNG. Ryan shines, fast food is involved, and you know.  Bees.

Episode 88: Kezza is High and 2.5 Feet of Kink

This episode was taped April 22, it includes a very Poufwanian Kezza. She has fallen and her mic won’t work. I’m sure there are other things too, you’ll have to listen to find out. Also in this episode; Ryan takes over, Sue takes over and Bob is MIA. Danielle loves Frozen and Scott is attempting to be Australian. Oh and we talk about the movie Kinky Boots, one of Danielle’s favorite flicks.

Episode 87 – Not So Damp, Wholesome TV with BIFFLEs

Episode 87 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

With tonight’s podcast we’re trying something a little different.  Instead of recording before a live audience and editing the podcast for eventual release, we record the podcast live and releasing it as a podcast immediately.

Tonight’s episode was recorded on the evening of May 19, 2015, and our topics include the California drought, the controversy surrounding this week’s Game of Thrones, a shot at naming Baby Fisher, and a quick recap of Season 2 of Girl Meets World.

And I find a new best friend.

Happy listening!

Episode 86: We Can’t “Say Anything”

In this episode we have a great time just chatting with each other, until Ryan decides to take control. Then he makes his “boating” announcement and we cut 20 minutes out of the middle of this. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out Special Edition 7. We come back to the show all doing our best to keep the secret. It mostly works, as you’ll see when we play “Say Anything.”

Episode 85: He Needed to Have Dropped a Stone or Two

In this episode we follow the Camino de Santiago along with Martin Sheen as he finds The Way.  Along our way, we find that our years are mixed up, the intro is interrupted and Danielle has weird Facebook ads.  We discuss FATE and the USS Poufwa.  It gets shot down. We show off our game shelves and the games we like to play.  And the word of the day is Mhmmm. We hope you enjoy our ramblings.  

Bob's Games

Bob’s Games

Sue's Games

Sue’s Games

Ryan and Danielle's Games

Ryan and Danielle’s Games

R and D's card games

R and D’s card games

R and D's games

R and D’s games

Episode 84: Sue is the Jen of Directors

In this episode Sue shares an alpaca story: Beware the squirrel. Ryan derails the intro, what’s new there? Danielle is here and awake this week. She needs her coffee. And Bob pulls an “all nighter.” We discuss entertainment news. There seems to be a lot going on this week. And then we talk about Broadchurch. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to stop listening and GO WATCH IT!!

Episode 83: Frank Underwood Killed Jed Bartlet

In this episode, Danielle needs her coffee, Ryan needs a password and Scott brings his sexy voice.  We discuss our feelings about roller coasters, and Sue is the bravest one of all.  Bob would not make a good Quidditch player, and Ryan has much to say about House of Cards.  We unsuccessfully play sober Scattergories, and say farewell to Leonard Nimoy.

Episode 82: Danielle’s Still Mad and Ryan Wears Flannel

In this episode, Sue is AWOL, but thanks to a time turner, also know as being editor, was able to make an appearance. Danielle and Ryan are playing a new game and Danielle has really strong feelings about it. And it’s Bob’s day or not his day, I can’t remember. One of our forum members did the letter writing homework and only Sue know who it is, that causes a slight problem. Thank goodness she’s the editor. We would all like to thank Ryan for continuing to pay the bills that keep the lights on at Poufwa. Thank you, Ryan.

Episode 81: The One with the Love Letters

In a time honored tradition of releasing raw feeds when the edited one doesn’t work, we give you Episode 81: The One with the Love Letters. Bob fails to do the homework, so he is going to be punished. And it’s all his idea!! We find out what Danielle thinks of Clanaad and what Ryan thinks about cold coffee. And Sue and Bob take a call. Then we discuss Sherlock. Danielle is a fan and she knows a lot of behind the scene facts. And we have one mandate for the podcast; no one mention SNOW!

Episode 80: Danielle’s Up in Your Business

In tonight’s episode Sue’s having an identity crises, Ryan swears and Bob’s fighting with Google. Our favorite Canadian joins the cast tonight. We find out what TV show has Bob hooked and what show Ryan and Danielle are watching because they miss visiting Sue. We discuss Ryan’s favorite childhood movie, Wild Blue Yonder and find out what part of it Bob finds creepy. We find we really enjoy the actors names in the film. Oh and it’s sweeps month, so there may be a sex quiz.

Please enjoy this podcast and play more games!

Episode 79: Mike’s Secret is Finally Out

In tonight’s episode we discuss a popular book and find it’s not so popular with everyone. We have two Poufwa meet ups, with varying results. (Never visit the Fishers in January). We also bring you snark, homework and a special guest. Finally we get around to discussing Cassie Clare’s City of Bones. Please note that this is Jen’s pick and she could not be here to talk about it, we will hopefully bring her views in a later podcast. And at the end, we will give you the secret that long time Poufwanians have always wanted to know. The secret that was buried so deep only the USPS really knows what happened.
Please enjoy this podcast and play more games!

Episode 78: Ryan is Not Melindaleo

Happy Holidays Poufwa!!! We begin this episode with Danielle and Bob talking anime; they even monologue. Once we tear them away from that, we have Kezza and Scott join the line and we talk Christmas. Ryan cleans up at Christmas movie trivia then we switch over to give Kezza a shot. Happy Aussie Christmas. Ryan plays Santa. Stay tuned at the end for a couple of special Poufwa tunes that were mentioned during the podcast. We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.

Episode 77: Ryan’s Time Hop

Tune in tonight to see why Ryan is smelling bed sheets. We have a special guest who seems to want a sandwich during the podcast; she also sings for us. You won’t want to miss this. The new Star Wars trailer is out; we have a few things to say about that. And there’s Jen and a sword – I’ll let you think about that a minute.

Once you wrap your mind around Jen and the sword, we hope you enjoy the episode. Also enjoy a special song at the end.

Episode 76: Reach Out and Touch Someone

In this episode, we are all over the place!

Shocking. I know.

This episode features egg nog, the dangers of walking and talking, and reaction to the midterm election. Tune in to find out who we think is sweet, new thoughts on Dolores Umbridge and learn what’s reaching out to touch something.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Episode 75: #youshouldbelisteningtoPoufwa

Have you ever wondered just how “geeky” the PVW hosts really are? Well, wonder no more. In this episode we share our geeky side, but first we have to find Sue. Ryan has fun with hashtags, Bob seeks help and Danielle has changed her name to “Chopped Liver.” We talk about bed bugs, Storm Troopers and ED. Bob calls it our most “F-ed up podcast ever.” We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this episode for you.

 photo Bob1_zps110c086d.jpg
 photo Stormtrooper2_zps5b3ad777.jpg

 photo Danielle2_zpsbabe42b4.jpg
 photo Danielle1_zpsc61fb690.jpg
 photo Danielle3_zps7c37ff41.jpg

 photo Sue2_zps1ef75787.jpg
 photo Sue1_zps69f6b0c3.jpg

 photo Ryan2_zpsdefb3ece.jpg
 photo Ryan1_zps3e3c716b.jpg

Episode 74: Podcasters Don’t Let Podcasters Drink Alone

In this episode, Jen and Ryan have much to say about Doctor Who, it even gets a little heated. In fact it gets so heated that a beloved icon of Harry Potter dies. Danielle channels Sadie Doyle, while Jen, Ryan and Bob do the actual drinking. There’s talk of a duet, a trip to Texas and flesh eating super zombies. We try to talk about We’re Alive a new audio drama, but we may get side tracked.

Episode 73: Sue is AWOL

Join us for what was supposed to have been the next season of The Aurors! It would have been, too, if Sue’s hadn?t rushed her cat to the vet right before the show. The night if filled thrashing the lifestream while chatting fan films, game recs, and new ways to showcase the podcast.

Episode 72: Look a Dinosaur!!

Join us for our thoughts on the first episode of the new Doctor Who. Along the way we find out about Ryan’s weekly fight with Jen, that Sue’s back in her own bed and Bob is being spoiled. Ryan is in love with a new cat so Danielle has to put her foot down. And we hear a little about Richard’s visit. And it wouldn’t be a podcast without a little SAO. Then at the end there’s a special announcement about the upcoming season of The Aurors.

Episode 71: Jen is Not Naked and Bob has a Stroke.

During this episode we learn more about Jen than anyone should ever know, and we’re saying this seven years in!   Danielle challenges Bob to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Jen returns after many weeks away to discuss teeth, and Bob’s parents decide Pouvwa really needs a lawnmower sound effect.    Ryan’s off somewhere playing cards. Sue and Bob have been power watching Girl Meets World.  We talk about it and SAO.  Jen’s decided that the next Poufwa meet up should be at her house.  We are all afraid, very afraid.  But we are all excited to back and podcasting with a full crew.  

Episode 70: Bob’s Secretly an African American Woman

What’s that frightening noise? Oh, just the ice maker, no worries. Danielle seems a touch upset with the cat. He’s a baad kitty. Ryan has strict rules for podcasting: eating while on air is one of them. I wonder who breaks that rule tonight? Sue’s pet sitting a very large dog; his name is Harvey and you’ll get to hear him…a lot. We spend some time talking about Robin Williams and include a tribute of our own to Robin’s work. Then we move on to Ready Player One, which Bob consumed and he is now addicted to Wil Wheaton’s voice. Bob informs us that we are close to having a system like the one in Ready Player One; it’s called Oculus Rift. Check it out.

Episode 69: Cowabunga Dudes!!!!

We begin this episode by finding out what Bob really feels about his fellow hosts.  Sue finds herself without internet and has to call it in and Ryan gives us his movie pick.  We talk briefly about Girl Meets World and Sword Art Online 2.  Jo proves once again why we love her when she sends a fan, who lost her family, a letter from Dumbledore.  Bob’s movie pick for this week is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.  Danielle and Bob are old time fans while Sue and Ryan are not.  Sue doesn’t appreciate the Ninja Turtles as much as the others do.  It’s a teacher thing.  We make it all the way through the episode, then discover it’s episode 69, we should have played CaH for this one.   *headdesk*

Episode 68: Life is Better in Oregon.

The first episode after Ryan and Danielle leave Ducksfoot Farm – The Fisher Family Vacation. Bob finds out he’s not part of the “cool kid crowd.” We once again have technical difficulties where Sue and Bob are too quiet for the live stream, but we are blowing out Ryan and Danielle’s ears. We try to talk about the Arrow Season 3 trailer without spoiling and find out we can’t. We find that Sue is EVIL and also knows her birds. Bob introduces us to a SAO drinking game, please play responsibly.

If you feel that you’ve heard this one already, go back to 66 and reload it. I accidentally released this one instead of 66 at first. It’s been fixed, so you should be able to get it now. Sorry.

Episode 67: Live, In Living Color!

Live from Ducksfoot Farm! Ryan and Danielle journey to Sue’s farm for POVWeekly’s first meet up! Ryan and Danielle are weirded out by podcasting with the sun up, and Bob’s sexy voice soon calls in. We find we are live, hot and flowing. We recorded this podcast on the anniversary of Deathly Hallows, so we play a game of “Where we were seven years ago tonight?”

Onwards to Cards Against Humanity! The hosts are all drinking, so you know it’s going to get wild. Since Bob is not in the room, we need an announcer to read our submissions anonymously. Scott graciously volunteers before realizing he will not be typing but reading our submissions live on air. Scott, the man who will never be Mayor. Scott lays down some ground rules, Danielle googles a word she doesn’t know and Bob has his daily vibrations from the chat.

Due to the content of this podcast, only the first half is being released on the POV standard feed. If you want to hear the rest, you need to go to the Restricted Section of the PotterFicWeekly forum. Don’t have access? You will in a minute.

1) Register for an account on the PotterFicWeekly forum by visiting www.potterficforum.com
2) Once registered, send a private message (PM) to username “SueatDucksfoot”, or an email to
Give me your username, and let me know if you’re over the age of 18.

Episode 66: Jen’s Back and Bob Eats It

In this episode Ryan thinks Bob is coming late, but in reality Bob needs to leave early. Sue had an emergency vet appointment with her brother’s cat. The cat is fine, although he did spend several days in the hospital. We are thrilled to welcome Jen back for part of the podcast even if she’s in a grumpy mood. It only takes us a few minutes to turn her around. We find out that Bob had an accident with a flower pot, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Bob and Jen leave early, leaving the rest to their discussion of Flight of the Navigator. We hope you enjoy Emma as she pops in for a while.

Episode 65 – Jen’s Leather Fetish is Burning

Episode 65 of PointOfViewWeekly is released!

In tonight’s episode, Jen returns and brings her leather fetish with her.  Massachusetts gets struck by a Poufwanian lightning storm, I’m missing for half the episode fixing things that fried, and we go in-depth on the first episode of the Series 2 premiere of Sword Art Online!

Happy listening!

Episode 64: Poufwa is Like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Happy Poufwa Day everyone! As we enter our 3rd season, we are trying to be more structured. As usual we have trouble with the live stream and for a while no one can hear us. This prompts Ryan to ask, “why do people listen to us?” Bob has a taco that he won’t eat on air because it’s too crunchy, but it’s staring at him and he’s hungry. We discuss the new show Girl Meets World. Then we end the show with an epic Boy Meets World trivia game. It comes as no surprise that Ryan knows a lot about it. Today is Poufwa Day, we ask listeners to come up with traditions for us to do on Poufwa Day. We will tell you our traditions live on Wednesday’s show.

Episode 63: You Don’t Need to See to Podcast.

Thank you for joining us as we begin our Third Season of POVW!!  We never thought it would last this long, but we are thrilled it has and that you continue to listen to our craziness.  Tonight’s episode follows our pattern of insanity as Bob drops the rest of the hosts into TomodachiLife and madness ensues.  Danielle is the friend to have and the rest of us do not get along.  We move on to Danielle’s favorite movie, Labyrinth. None of the rest of us had seen this before, we don’t love it as much as Danielle, but most of us liked it.  Along the way we find out Bob has contact problems, Sue didn’t get tires and Scarlett has a kidney stone.  

Enjoy the links of Bob’s TomadachiLife pictures of us.

All of us
More Dancing
Ryan and Danielle
Ryan and Bob
Ryan and Jen
Ryan and Sue
Jen and Danielle
Jen and Sue
Danielle and Sue
Bob and Danielle
Bob and Jen
Bob and Sue

Episode 62: Hockey, Wings and LOLs

In this episode Sue has her grumpy pants on as she gets dropped from the call and no one notices.  Ryan is getting Employee of the Year and Bob has good vibrations.   We discuss two Doctor Who shows that were release on the big screen: Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel.  While the hosts are talking, the chat is having it’s own discussion on carding people who buy alcohol.  We find out that Danielle wasn’t carded on her 21st birthday.  Bob has the idea to have more structure on the podcast.  So far it hasn’t worked every time, but we are trying to get better at it.  If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook or Skype so you can be part of the discussion. 

Episode 61: Yes Ma’am, Flirting and TFIOS

In this episode we are discussing The Fault in Our Stars. We start out with Bob and his mic, Danielle dumping her tea bag and Ryan monologuing. We try calling Jen, but she’s got her phone off. Bob asks for help with a social situation involving dog pee. We stay right on topic…Squirrel! Join us as we learn about John Green, vlogbrothers, Esther Earl and tie it all in with The Fault in Our Stars. Some of us have read the book, others saw the movie and we will tie it all together. Enjoy.

Episode 60: It’s Kezza and a Whale of a Podcast

Tonight we welcome a special guest from the future, Kezza!!! And Mr. Kezza makes himself known as well. We jump around a lot, but some of the highlights include: Herbie, kidney stones, traffic and dating. Ryan inadvertently calls Danielle a whale and then can’t let it go. Kezza, who used to shake her head at Ryan’s political talk is now “hot under the collar” when it comes to politics and she shares her feelings. In typical Kezza fashion, she uses Harry Potter to explain things, it helps. Stay tuned after the show to hear her views on American clothes being sold in Australia. It was great to have Kezza back for a visit. Enjoy!

Episode 59: Happy 4th of July, Now Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

Have you ever wondered where Sue keeps secret items or how Danielle likes her ice cream?  Or maybe you want to know what Bob dreams about or what scares Ryan on a quiet night?  In this episode you’ll find out these answers and many more as we play What’s Yours Like and Dirty Minds.  We encourage you to go into Full Smut Lockdown for this one.  Many thanks to Keys, who agreed to help us with the game, then got dumped for a better idea. We appreciate your willingness to help, Keys.

This podcast earns it’s explicit tag, please listen responsibly.

Episode 58: The One Without Stephen Amell’s Abs

In this episode, Lady Chi joins the crew. We find out she’s going to visit Jen and is being billed as a Celebrity Guest. Ryan and Danielle want to see what everyone is talking about, so they watch the first episode of Arrow. They are going to continue watching as soon as Danielle wipes away the drool. Since they aren’t up on Arrow, they take a break and Bob, Sue and Chi continue the Arrow discussion. Apparently Skype is having trouble with Kansas, so you may have some trouble understanding Chi, but stick with it, she has good things to say. Sue doesn’t follow the comics, so she’s lost at several points along the way. Chi wants to know who everyone “ships” and teaches us the names of each one. Sue’s mind is blown when she learns that Isabel Rochev is also River from Firefly. Ryan and Danielle come back in time to say “goodnight.” We hope you enjoy our coverage of Arrow.

Episode 57 – Ryan’s Enormous Bubba

Episode 57 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

It’s the Ryan, Danielle and Bob show tonight.  Sue’s producer’s chair is empty as she’s recording a PFW author interview next door.  (The parking lot up in Fargo is completely full.  All four spots are taken.)   Ryan jokes about not having edited in quite a bit, so of course he edited this one while similtaneously watching It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, World.  You’d never know.

We rise (unexpectedly) to the occasion and get quite a bit done. The first third of the episode is devoted to an analysis of Ryan’s gaming skills.  In the event you are not familiar and tripped over tonight’s episode in a another desperate search for the One Gay Unicorn podcast, Ryan cannot drive without hitting gas stations.  Now Bob has him gaming.   Danielle and Bob fill the second third of the episode with a discussion of the upcoming Star Wars trilogy (Ryan takes this moment to make the loudest cup of coffee in Fargo history.) and we close out the night discussing our favorite OTPs of all time.

For those of you considering marriage, please use the teaser of tonight’s episode as a role playing exercise for what not to do when your wife tries to moisten your kidneys.

Happy listening!

Episode 56: The Tour Bus of Non- Chinese Nuns!

In this episode we are all over the place. We find out that Bob’s been part of Taco Bell’s Test Market and has eaten their new breakfast foods for months now. Danielle dreams about a bike she doesn’t own, it almost causes a marital dispute. We talk about Cards Against Humanity, we’d really like to play it for you guys. Stay tuned, it could happen any time. We also talk about Ryan and Danielle’s visit to Sue, coffee, taxes and Scarlett. Enjoy our madness.

Episode 55: Podcasting from the Bath, eharmony and Keep the Tip.

Ryan and Danielle host this episode from a bathtub, while Bob and Sue are in the basement below. You may have to listen hard the first part of this episode until Ryan finds the magic button, then you’ll want to turn us down. Ryan and Bob are two alpha-males clinging to their alpha-maleness. Our plan was to take a Harry Potter Next Gen Quiz and talk about the correct way to tip, but first Ryan has a deer story. Then Sue tells some really bad jokes and invites Ryan to go Cow Tipping. She’s confused on what tipping we are talking about. We all agree that Poufwa is a family and that’s all that counts. Oh and Bob’s on eharmony.

Episode 54: It’s Finale Week and Jen’s a Harmonian!

In this episode we talk about the finale of Walking Dead. Ryan thinks it’s the best, but Bob isn’t so sure, so Ryan brings in re-enforcements. After about 46 minutes of Walking Dead discussion, tune in just for special guest Jen2, we move on to the How I Met Your Mother finale. Ryan and Danielle step out for this one, so we bring in two more special guests. Etai is excited to be here and Chi is too, she’s just having some technical issues. It’s just like old times. Once we say goodbye to our guests and bring Ryan and Danielle back, we pull Jen in for some fanfic discussion, because we’ve turned her into a Harmonian. This one runs a little long, but we think that’s a good thing.

Episode 53: Ryan Keeps It Up and Sue Tortures Him

Bob’s back, but missing. The boys talk more about The Walking Dead, although the girls do their best to hurry them along. Stay tuned for the exciting end of the Auror’s first session. Find out if this bumbling team can actually save “Sam” from the exploding plumbing disaster. And just who is “Sam” anyway? We hope you enjoy this adventure of The Aurors!!

Episode 52: Cat Pee and Look at the Flowers.

In tonight’s episode we talk about cat’s bath rooming needs, see links below.  Ryan talks about Walking Dead even though Sue and Danielle are part of the “I hate Zombies!” club.  Sue talks more about The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  She may have had a Mikes, so can’t pronounce her words correctly.  You really should listen to the podcast though.  Ryan encourages everyone to “look at the flowers.”   We hope you enjoy our ramblings tonight.

Litter Loo
Hole on Top

Episode 51: Cutting the Cord!

In tonight’s episode we’re on Baby Watch as one of our own is in labor during the podcast.  We are also wishing Bob a very Happy Birthday.  Ryan is at war with Comcast, so he teaches us all how to “cut the cord.”  Danielle decides to be scripted as she starts our show; we even started on time.  Ryan teaches us all different ways to “cut the cord” and not have to pay so much for cable.  Sue recs a new podcast she’s been enjoying, you should all go listen to The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  Then we move on to The Vicar of Dibley, which Sue has been watching.  Danielle and Sue talk about their favorite episodes of the show.  We celebrate the birth of Laney and wish her all the best from Poufwa.  We end the show with Sue giving some tips for getting the garden ready for spring.  Oh, and “don’t feed the pigs.”  

Episode 50: We’re Cooking Again!

In this, our 50th episode, we go old school and grill cheese sandwiches. Once again we get to see Bob’s great lighting, Sue has a new stove and Ryan and Danielle have a whole new kitchen. They also make a unique grilled cheese option. We begin the podcast typically, with sound issues, but this time Sue is too loud for Ryan and Danielle, so she has to use her “happy sex phone voice.” We decide Jen and Bob must be getting divorced since they can’t be on the podcast together. *sadness* We talk about shows, books and cooking. Even though Jen can’t make it to the podcast, we get to hear two Jen stories. Our person of the podcast is Moony, AKA Selena. Sue traumatized her with stories of decapitated heads and roller coasters. In other news, we all agree that Ryan #marriedup.

Here are the videos:
Bob’s Grilled Cheese
Ryan and Danielle’s
Sue’s Sandwich

Episode 49: “Stay in the Frakking House, Carl!!!”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Batman were Re-imagined? Bob does. Ryan is struggling with a “little green light” that may or may not be recording him. Our person of the day is Scarlett, who is suppose to be 16, but it really 21! She’s legal and can drink all the Koolaid she wants. Ryan is feeling old. We touch on a bunch of different shows including The Walking Dead, Vicar of Dibley, Fringe, House of Cards and Babylon 5. Also in this episode, Ryan uses coffee as a weapon, Danielle is a Wookiee, Bob’s Boobs and medical marijuana. Tune in next time for our 50th episode.

Episode 48: Brought to you by Oat Mo!

Jo has dropped a bombshell in an interview and Poufwa gathers together to discuss it. This is so staggering we’ve invited MelindaLeo back to the podcast! Did Jo really say Harry and Hermione should be together? Listen and see what we think she said. Bob even tells Jo to “shut it.” Strong words there Bob. After Melinda departs we talk about more Anime. Danielle is very excited about what she’s been watching, Ryan’s confused by names and distracted by his computer. Jen can’t make the first part because Emma’s sick, but she finds she just can’t stay away and sneaks in at the end. This is an extra long one, timing out at just over two hours.

Episode 47: The Queens of Poufwa are Pregnant!

Tonight your humble hosts partake in some adult beverages and play Scattergories, What happens next you’ll have to hear to believe. Before we get around to the adult beverages we find that Bob loves Scott, Ryan is a Time Lord and Jen has discovered a new perfume. We also start rumors that Jen and Danielle are pregnant. (They really are just rumors, we swear!) Once the game gets going, we learn things about each other we never thought we’d know. We’ve also made a new rule, Bob must drink during all future podcasts. This podcast is NOT work safe, please listen responsibly.

Please join us on PotterFicForum.com February 9 to 15, 2014 for a Ball. We will be celebrating Poufwa’s Anniversary with an Aussie Day Ball. We’d love to see you there.

Episode 46: “Ryan, it’s Fine!”

In this episode we debut a new, structured intro and some of the hosts are diaphoretic while others are excited about it. Jen starts us off with a splinter, tells us Texas doesn’t have terrorists and then has issues with her Skype sounds. It’s just a typical day for Jen. We talk about our New Years Resolutions and then talk about some of our favorite shows, books, movies etc from 2013. Bob is frightened of an umbrella, Sue is breaking up and Ryan needs a 12 step program for Kindles.

Please join us on PotterFicForum February 9 – 15, 2014 for a Ball. We will be celebrating Poufwa’s Anniversary with an Aussie Day Ball. We’d love to see you there.

Episode 45: Bob’s Back, TV Shows and Our Friend Etai!

In this episode, Sue, Ryan and Jen start the night talking about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary show while waiting for Bob to show up.  Sue enjoyed seeing it at the movie theater where she saw some interesting costumes.  Since Bob hasn’t seen all of Doctor Who yet, we have to stop our discussion when he arrives and we move on to The Walking Dead.   We’ve missed Bob who has missed several episodes due to work, he almost didn’t make it tonight as his usual podcasting place had been turned into a construction zone.  We end out our evening by bringing in a special Poufwanian, as Etai stops in for a brief chat.  

Episode 44: We Put the Fan in Fanfic

In this episode we put Jen in charge of the topic and take a journey through fanfic. We start out with Sue missing, Ryan on a new computer and Future Bob. Jen asks the question “What brings us back to Harry Potter?” We talk about what we used to love, what we are looking for now and what we can’t stand to read anymore. Jen gives her thoughts on the epilogue, you might want a hard hat. Harry Potter brought us together, made us friends and then we became family. Harry Potter seems to be the timeless fandom, other fandoms try, but don’t make the grade. If you have comments on fanfic, please check out the forum or join the Poufwa Facebook so you can make your feelings known, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you are paying attention, you may finally find out what gift Mike mailed to Jen that went missing.

Special Edition 2: How Not to Penetrate a Brothel!

As our holiday gift to you, we give you a double episode of The Aurors! In this episode we welcome Bob as a Whovian and try really, really hard not to spoil him. We start an Auror’s drinking game, Jen has a PSA and Ryan’s safe word is “apples.” In the game Nigel has plumbing problems, Jade is the “bringer of death” and Liz tries to save us all. Introducing Hooter our newest member. We are really enjoying this game and hope you are having as much fun listening to our antics. Also, Sue may have been playing the drinking game while editing so she is not responsible for any mistakes along the way.

Episode 43: Sue’s in Goonieland with Free Willie and the Governator!

In this episode we talk about Social Media etiquette, pets as part of the family and politics. Sue’s in a undisclosed location with the Goonies. Ryan has a new computer so he forgets to push the right buttons, eats during the podcast and doesn’t turn off his Skype sounds. That’s bad podcast etiquette, in case you are wondering. Oh well, we have fun anyway. There is also some talk about fast food trends as Sue tries to remember names of some menu items, she is close but no cigar.

Episode 42: Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Bacon, Oh My!

In this episode we learn what happened to Lee, find out about bacon and talk about TV shows you have to watch.  Then Ryan takes over the show and monologues.  Ryan and Danielle tell of their adventures in Hogwarts and in Cardiff.  They didn’t know the Harry Potter Studio Tour existed until they got to London, it’s a good thing they didn’t find out about it after they got home.  Ryan and Danielle spent their anniversary in Cardiff enjoying Doctor Who food.  They had a grand time discovering all the places DW was filmed and eating out at the best burger joints. We feel sorry for Bob who hasn’t been bit by the Doctor Who bug yet.  It’s just a matter of time, Bob. If you want to see the pictures mentioned in this podcast, find Poufwa on Facebook and send us a friend request, we’d love to have you.  

Special Edition One! We Made it a Year!!

Join us as we celebrate our one year anniversary with a “structured podcast.” In this episode we all meet up at the Three Broomsticks for a drink and to talk about why we are still podcasting after all these years. You will hear some things twice, but that’s just because they were funnier the second time around. We hope you enjoy our first Special Edition and a blast from the past as we all go back to SpellCast.

Episode 41: Ryan Wears a Funny Hat

WARNING: This episode is explicit, please listen responsibly.  

In this episode, we explore our Auror’s back stories, some of us a little more than others.  Bob is laying tiles and talking a little funny, but he promises a better map this time around.  Jen and Sue have some trouble with the Roll 20 site and end up showing video of themselves, oops. And the highlight of our podcast is Danielle sending Ryan to a brothel. We hope you enjoy our version of D&D, with The Aurors.

Prior to the RPG, the hosts flesh out their characters by writing drabbles, or in Jen’s case, the beginnings of a novel!

Nigel’s Story

Eve’s Story

Jade’s Story

Elizabeth’s Story

Episode 40: Poufwa takes out the Trash!!

In this episode Bob is grumpy because of time zones, Ryan doesn’t know Hannah Montana and Jen is drinking early. We have an episode of Night Court as we hear the case of the Husband who didn’t take out the recycling as Ryan and Danielle have a spat. We talk about movies that should be TV shows and TV shows that should have been movies. Jen wants to know what’s up with Jo’s new movie. In the end we find out what our power color is, then move on to our underpants. This sparks a flurry of internet quizzes. Stay tuned for our after show when we discover who has the world’s largest breasts and what size bra would she need. We just can’t stop Jen when she wants to discover something. Enjoy the show.

Episode 39: Brought to You by the Number 12!

Warning!  This episode is not work safe, please listen responsibly.  We begin our episode with the pre-show, just a sneak peak into what goes on before the “live” button is hit.  Jen has a few things to say about the media and a certain person.  After a heated discussion we move into the game part of our evening.  Have you ever wondered what cereal Bob likes or what Sue would do if she was invisible?  Do you know what Ryan wishes he could have bigger?  We find out what channel Danielle can’t live without and who is Jen’s favorite superhero.  Join us for uncontrollable laughter as we bring you “Say Anything.”

Episode 38: Ryan’s Grumpy, Bob’s Back and Jen Calls it In

In this episode we are happy to welcome Bob back to the fold.  We get a Jen story, straight from Ryan’s phone, then find out we aren’t live.  Oops!  Hang in there through the tech stuff, it’s a bit noisy, but worth it.  Ryan is upset with his granite guy, Bob is wearing clothes and Danielle is moved to tears.  Spoiler Alert, we talk about Sword Art Online and kick the listeners off who don’t want to be spoiled.  Come back at the one hour mark.  Our homework this week was to draw a fictional character we like, check out the pictures on the website.  Jen tells us about the game we are going to play next episode.  If you want to see the right way to play, check out Table Top.

Bob’s Artwork


Ryan’s Artwork


Danielle’s Artwork



Jen’s Artwork



Sue’s Artwork


Episode 37: If You Don’t Do It Right, It Will Kill You!

Our healthy podcast was so successful we decided to talk about farm fresh foods this time around. In this episode Sue talks about the life of a lazy farmer, telling how she puts up food for the winter. She gives some tips for food storage as well. We also talk about Jen’s grumpy day, Ryan’s upcoming kidney stone surgery and Danielle’s first garden box. Ryan and Danielle podcast from bed in this one and it’s not as uncomfortable as you’d think. And Sue gives Ryan a Great Big THANK YOU for Poufwa.

Episode 36: Anime

Somewhere in a lost contract with PS, Ryan was suppose to watch Anime and it never happened, so Bob stepped in with a list to save the day. In this episode Ryan and Danielle do a pre show warm up that gets left in the podcast. Jen needs to be glued to the call, if you listen very closely you might hear her digits. Bob tries for a joke, but it flops. Sue is busy behind the scenes, but she’s there. Bob shares four Anime with the group, we like most of them, but have questions. Lots of questions. All in all, he’s converted at least 3 of the 4 of us to Anime. You can watch at the links below. You can also check out the Anime links on the forum where we have many more recommendations.

Cross Game
Sword Art Online
Little Witch Academia

Episode 35: Danielle Drops the F-Bomb!

This week we do book reviews. We talk about Jo’s new book The Cuckoo’s Calling. This was breaking news the week we talked about it. Jen talks about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. She really wants you to check this series out. Jen tries to explain the story and all Ryan gets out of it is that it’s Bible FanFic. Sue and Danielle have books to recommend too. Then on a tip from a listener, we check out Muggle Hustle. We find it very funny, but be warned the F-Bombs are abundant. There may also be some talk about Ryan’s re-occuring kidney stone, Sue’s lack of pants and Jen meeting Capt. Jack. We earn our explicit tag tonight folks.

Episode 34: Ryan, Don’t Touch That Button!!

In this episode Jen has a BBQ, Danielle squishes bugs and Sue is breaking up. We have three of our five podcasters and we wander all over the place. We discuss gardening, plants, snakes, Patrick Stewart, Doctor Who, Leakycon and a new table. Ryan hits a button half way through and drops off the call. Oops. When he finally gets back he breaks his own rule and facebooks someone during the podcast. We also debut our new intro, live.

Episode 33: The Little Show that Tried

In this episode Sue and Jen are AWOL, but that’s okay because Danielle can hold her own with the guys. Danielle and Bob play Star Wars trivia, it’s a cut-throat game with only one winner. You’ll have to listen to find out who the winner will be. Then the subject of dating comes up. Ryan and Bob share dating horror stories. We find out Kaden has a sister and the crew throws up ideas for future podcasts.

Episode 32: Bob Monologues and Ryan Wants More Cats

In this episode, Bob can’t hear us, Ryan issues a challenge and Sue talks about ear spiders. Danielle gets mixed up and thinks cigarettes are for drinking. Ryan asks Bob about computer games and we all get an education as Bob takes us into the world of gamers. Danielle has a special PSA for pet owners. Enjoy!

Episode 31: The Aurors Kick Butt!

In this extra long episode Bob breaks the podcast, Ryan has a happy doctor and Jen has drama. Actually we all have drama as the live stream goes offline and we have some tense moments before we finally get it working again. We begin early with the intention of having everything ready at “go” time, but as this is Poufwa, that’s not how it worked. If you are interested in only the Aurors Roll Play, skip ahead to 21 minutes, otherwise you get us running around like chickens with our heads cut off. In the end we all have a great time roll playing, even if we can’t keep our names straight. We can’t wait for the next Aurors night. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it for you.

Episode 30 – We’re Not Willing To Pay For Wil Wheaton

Episode 30 of POVWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, we discuss racist board games, have a Star Trek/Star Wars trivia faceoff, and I dive headfirst into a closet. In preparation for the first game of The Aurors in our next podcast, we have an on-air planning session and flesh out our characters. Since it sounds like an algebra test exploded, we’ve attached our notes from the planning session in the show notes.

Happy listening, and don’t miss The Aurors in our next podcast, and for the gamers out there check out the Poufwa Steam page, to be discussed in Episode 32. Link is on the website!

Danielle’s Notes
Sue’s Notes, Part 1
Sue’s Notes, Part 2
Ryan’s Notes
Jen’s Notes, Part 1
Jen’s Notes, Part 2
Jen’s Notes, Part 3

Episode 29 – Harry Potter and his Adventures with Bob

Episode 29 of POVWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, I lose a kidney stone, Bob has a wig and your humble hosts are ICONS. Bob lands a new job and is abreast of technology. We graciously delayed this release for several weeks for you to catch up on Star Trek Into Darkness and Doctor Who’s seventh season finale, but just in case you don’t want to be spoiled, we discuss Trek until 24:30 and Doctor Who through 50:25. Jen stops by. We did our best.

Happy listening!

Episode 28 – Ryan is a Hoarder, Not a Whore

Episode 28 of POVWeekly has been released!

The part of Bob is played by Danielle this week, and we discuss the fall season lineup! We touch on AutoPilot, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, 24, the Monkeys and Gilmore Girls. I don’t know character names, Bob is a tease, and Sue is the Vicar of Dibley.

Most of all, though we find out that Poufwa = comfort.

Happy listening!

Episode 27 – Everybody Wii’s, Sometimes

Episode 27 of POVWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, we contrast our favorite childhood video games with what’s out there today.  I also pass a kidney stone in real time.

Happy listening!

Episode 26: Ryan Tempted the Poufwa Gods

In this episode we start right on time – 7 minutes late. Danielle hates Bob, Bob’s a racist and Sue has a plan. In this episode we talk more about health issues, including white poop and stinky pee. We talk about terrorism, flooding, earthquakes and bird flu, thankfully Yellowstone is still there. Ryan and Danielle rec “Remember Sunday” while Bob wants us all to watch “Strip Search.” Sit back and enjoy our crazy discussion.

Episode 25: No Pants, No Fish

In this episode we start off with the weather report. We do a movie review and then call for the audience to give us some ideas for more movies to review. Sue turns up late, Bob has a McGangBang and Ryan looks for Red Lobster. We try to teach Ryan the word “Briefly” with little success. Then our Misfit Band of Aurors go to the Leaky Cauldron for a drink. You’ll just have to listen to see what happens then.

Join us Thursdays at 8:30 Central to listen to us live. There is a POVW skype chat that you can join, just ask Ryan or Sue to let you in.

Episode 24: Who Will Survive the Longest?

In this episode, Ryan has a question about his wall, Jen is anti-Apple and Danielle is drunk.
We remember our favorite TV shows from when we were growing up. Then we take the Zombie Quiz to find out who will survive the longest. Sue shares things you’d never imagine and should we call the FBI on Jen? We hope you enjoy this undead episode.

Some highlights:

Cat dental surgery
Walking Dead
Weed the back 40
Spatula them?
Eat Zombies?
Zombie Kitties
Freezer Cat

Episode 23 – A Full Body Podcast

Episode 23 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, the hosts discuss healthy eating, weight loss and exercise techniques. The conversation is so lively that I can’t even wedge in a monologue! In all seriousness, it’s a great discussion about great strides our hosts and listeners are making to improve the quality of their lives.

Some phrases you may here in this episode –

“Eczema – Friend or Foe”

“Allergic to dirt”

“2 Years of Hives”

“Portion control”

“Ryan’s GI Tract” (Always a winner!)

“Meal size versus snacking”


“Jen’s love of chewing”

“Sneaking veggies”

“How to shop”

We hope you enjoy this episode. Please keep your stories coming and let us know if this is a topic you’d like to hear more on!

Happy listening!

Episode 22 – Poufwa Babysits, Chi Returns and the Vomit Reboot

Episode 22 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

I decide to start the podcast on time tonight. Unfortunately, I’m the only one there. 

Scrambling, we draft LadyChi back into service as Pouvwa babysits and I remember to hit the damn record button. We love Chuck and Alpacas, Bob still can’t remember the name of the show, and Chi comes up with a new motto for Poufwa – “There’s got to be a better way to do this!”  Please direct any comments or concerns to our Legal department.  We find out about Chi’s visit to Jen, discuss fanfic we’ve been reading, and Jen is hacked by vomit.  Hang on to your hats. It’s a wild ride!

Episode 21 – Introducing Eve Bishop, Nigel Applebee, Elizabeth Strider & Jade McDonald

Episode 21 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

In this episode we find that Sue has pneumonia, Emma’s the 5th host and Bob’s boring. Jen and I gush over Perks of Being a Wallflower, Danielle sings about boobs and we flesh out our RPG characters.  We get breaking news about Girls Gone Wild and Beetles in Trees, LadyChi visits Jen, and the world survives the night!

Happy listening!

Episode 20: Ryan’s Question, Bob’s Moment of Zen and Zombies!

In this episode, we are all over the place.  We discuss Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead and The Biggest Loser. We find out MelindaLeo’s secret ingredient for cider.  We have lots of pet pictures to share.  Who has the cutest pets?  We also find out Sue is a killer, Ryan is a lesbian, Danielle is armed  and Bob is amazing.  We talk a little about our RPG characters.  And Ryan talks about Martha Stewarting that zombies’ A$$.  

Happy 20th Episode!

Poufwa prayers are requested for some of our members, so please keep them coming.

Episode 19: The One With the Hanging Chad

In this episode Sue is lost, Jen is cooking and Bob is the new curse word.  We also discover that we were all very cute as babies.  Jen has a new obsession with games and is really good at “Drawer Something.”  Ryan sends Jen money to watch Chuck.  Please Jen, just watch it. Please! 

Ryan and Danielle are planning a trip to London with the family, but in true Pouvwa fashion something blows up.  Bob has something to reveal and Jen has spilled the beans about the podcast to an old friend.

This can’t end well.




Episode 18: If Zombies Take Over the World, We’re All Going to Sue’s.

In this episode, we continue our POVFWA Awards.  Sue is blind, Danielle is important, Ryan is texting and Bob is late.   Ryan screams “Good Morning Vietnam!” and “Good Morning Oregon!” for no apparent reason.  We discuss ear cancer, skinny jeans, swear words and Pouvwa therapy.  This may be the beginning of Ryan pushing Chuck at Jen.  We decide we are a family of podcasts, and Danielle ships Ryan/Jenny.

Episode 17: The Breaking Up of Jen and Sue

Episode 17 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

In this episode Ryan lies, Jen is late and has issues, Sue has a cake and we have The Bob. We also look at
before and after pictures. Can you guess which one Ryan likes best? Announcing the beginning of our annual Pouvwa Awards, this week we start off with best movie and TV show of 2012. Unfortunately we are like Congress and can’t get our act together. Tune in to find out the nominees!

Happy listening!

Episode 16 – Bring Your Family To Work, and Oh, Spock’s Dead…

Episode 16 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!  Stay tuned for Episode 17 sometime in the next day.

In tonight’s episode, the hosts bring their family to work.  I bring my mom, Jen brings Mother, Sue’s nephew Calvin stops by, and Bob is late.  Insert your favorite “pants” joke here.  We cover the best Star Trek’s, explosive devices, and you’ll never believe what happened to me in a men’s room.

Happy listening!

Episode 15 – Bob & Ryan Are Whipped

Episode 15 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Emerging from a time warp and rescued from Bob’s computer by Sue, this episode was recorded prior to Episode 14!

In tonight’s episode, we discuss the Star Trek trailer, Bob’s crazy dream, and commit to fictional crushes. Speaking of, tonight’s podcast is brought to you by the word “hussy.”

Danielle has a thing for heroes, Jen loves everyone, Sue is sheltered, Bob has an experience with Snape in leather, and I suffer from commitment issues, awkwardly.

Happy listening! Join us Thursday at 8:30est for the recording of our next episode!

Episode 14 – Merry Christmas, Pouvwa!

Episode 14 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released! Merry Christmas!

Once again, we enter a time warp! To get this out in time for Christmas we leapfrogged a recording, so Episode 15 will take place before this one.

To celebrate the holiday, we welcome our live chat listeners onto the show! We sing a number with Julia, offer horrifying dental advice, do the dishes, and swap favorite Christmas movies. Jen has a story and ruins the Brady Bunch. Thank God for Sue to make us look good!

Our live streams will resume on January 3rd, 2013. See you at 8:30 EST!

Happy listening!

Episode 13 – Thank God It’s Poufwa!

Episode 13 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Tonight’s podcast covers favorite TV shows, from what we’re watching today to nostalgic memories of a pre-apocolyptic world without 500 channels and a obsession with the 18-29 demographic. In addition to Walking Dead, Awake, and Raising Hope, we spend the other hour and twenty-nine minutes geeking about Boy Meets World and its newly announced sequel series. Jen, eat your heart out!

Don’t miss tomorrow night’s live stream of Episode 14 at 8:30pm EST!

Happy listening!

Episode 12 – Bananas to Bananas, Five Kindles, and Bob’s Pants

Episode 12 of POVWeekly has been released! Episode 13 will follow right behind it.

Tonight, the hosts play a Poufwanian version of Apples to Apples! Many thanks to Colin for keeping us on track during the episode. I turn my house into Amazon.com distribution center, Jen discovers where she’s been working all this time, and once again, Bob shows off his legs.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s live broadcast of Episode 14 on our live stream from 8:30-10pm EST!

Episode 11 – Mr. Handy, Bob’s on Drugs and Willard Breaks Jen!

Episode 11 of POVWeekly has been released!

In this episode, we take a jump to the left and a step to the right and fall into a time warp! That’s a dramatic way of saying I dropped the episodes in the editing bay and put them on the wrong shelves. This episode was recorded the week before Halloween and should have been Episode 10. Aside from the hurricane that hit New England in the last episode being spotted around the Horn of Africa in this one, it’s all good!

This week, we learn what happened to my engine that has my mechanic still laughing at me to this day. Sue’s Mom has a near death experience, and Dethryl gets married…again. He may have been married last week. Just go with it.

Jen feels she’s not enough of a whore, I reconsider my mental image of her father, mean things happen to cats, and the review on my large and unfortunately shaped microphone is finally in!

Don’t forget you can hear the podcast live Thursday evenings at 8:30pm EST! Join our
“Poufwa” Facebook page for the most up-to-date scheduling info!

Happy listening!

Episode 10 – David Bowie in Tight Pants + Willard

Episode 10 of POVWeekly has been released!

In last week’s episode, I played Ghost Ryan. Everyone could hear me, except the podcasters. Starting out tonight’s podcast, I’m still Ryan, except it’s you guys who can’t hear me. Just assume a monologue and you’ll be fine!

Join us for our discussion of Hurricane Sandy, Robert’s creepy neighbor, whoever will win this presidential election that seems to still be coming up, the sale of Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and the unfortunate naming of my rather phallic microphone! And Jen stops by with crunchy diapers.

Don’t forget you can hear the podcast live Thursday evenings at 8:30pm EST! Join our
“Poufwa” Facebook page for the most up-to-date scheduling info.

Happy listening!

Episode 9 – A Conundrum in a Pickle

Episode 9 of POVWeekly has been released!

The Pouvwa editing bay is emptying out as we release our last few episodes! Don’t forget you can hear the podcast live Thursday evenings at 8:30pm EST! Join our
“Poufwa” Facebook page for the most up-to-date scheduling info.

This episode contains Disney World, murder, zombies, amputation, Stella, Big Bush, Old Bush, Fluffy Walri, and BOB!

Happy listening!

Episode 8 – Ryan’s Crotch, Danielle’s Crush, and Bob Kills a Man

Episode 8 of POVWeekly has been released!

Even moreso fashionably late, tonight’s podcast is a blast. Bob is off tonight under potentially criminal circumstances so Danielle subs in (on our wedding anniversary!), when she’s not tweeting Josh Malina, that is. Jen holds it all together with two children in the room, Sue is a week from swearing, and we geek on our current obsessions. Expect discussion of the Walking Dead, my Harmony fic, and because you’ve been waiting 25 years for it – TNG, Season 1.

No bullet points. (Cassandra Claire) Enjoy inside!

Happy listening!

Episode 7 – Untitled!

Episode 7 of POVWeekly has been released!

Fashionably late, this episode of POVWeekly revolves around Jen having a baby, me being handy with wildlife, and Sue swearing like a trashed sailor! I go off on a Harmony rant, and the hosts make what is by far the coolest homework assignment decision of the season.

Happy listening!

Episode 6 – Harmonians, Sad Feet and a Pizza Place

Episode 6 of POVWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, Jen returns TO maternity leave and pitches in by actually having the baby! Welcome to Poufwa, Emma, aka…Mustard!

Filling the gaping hole left by Jen and Emma this evening, we have Aaron and Scott! Aaron stays awake all night but at one point tries to beat me with his headset, and Scott gets eaten by a Dalek. In mono.

Join us for Star Trek to Harry Potter casting, what-animal-are-you hilarity, and see if you can guess who beat up Scott on his road trip!

We are taking this week off so no recording on September 13th.  Going forward we’re switching to a 90 minute format and will broadcast live on Thursday evenings from 8:30-10pm EST!

Happy listening!

Episode 5 – Locksmiths & Pianos

Episode 5 of POVWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, Jen returns from maternity leave having totally forgotten to have the baby. Bob still can’t find his pants, but shares a story that left him in tears. We play Where’s Waldo with Sue, stare at Jen’s piano, and I lock myself out of the house.

And this stuff.

Happy listening!

Episode 4 – Live, Hot and Flowing

Episode 4 of POVWeekly has been released!

In this week’s episode, Jen, Baby Emma and her microwave enjoy a bubble bath, Bob takes his pants off and walks us through his version of a smut lockdown, Sue is the only member of our team to successfully record video, and I host a sport segment. If you never quite understood the rules of football, I have your back.

Starting this week, we take questions and topics on the spot from our now-deafened live chat. We chime in on everything from integrating Internet friends into our lives to gaming to Star Wars vs. Star Trek. We also give an early birthday present to our soon-to-be newest Poufwa baby.

Incase you were wondering, Sue & Bob are five seconds in the past and the IT department went to a bar. I also sound like I’m in the crappy dryer Julia used to own before she got rid of it for the state of the art dryer you remember from PotterFicWeekly. This gets resolved about half-way in, so hang on tight!

This week is Harry Potter beverage week!

Sue makes pumpkin juice!  Video here.


…and I make butterbeer. With help. My hands aren’t that pretty.


Next week, double-assignment.   Send pictures of yourself performing a cryptic talent (listen for the explanation on the podcast, not that it’s any more clear!) and write a time capsule note for Baby Emma.

Happy listening!

Episode 3 – Free of Sewage!

Episode 3 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Tonight’s podcast covers the artistic ability of your humble hosts. Believe us, there’s a reason we’re humble!

Miraculously, our first two Pouvwa recordings went off without a hitch.  We’ve corrected that this week.  Moments before hitting the “Broadcast Live to the Free World and Beyond” button, we heard the distant sound of Bernard the Wonder Goat being sizzled, followed by flickering lights and cries for sound checks.  The Poufwa Curse meter jumped to Red Alert. With the red light on and a live audience waiting, we had to adjust on the fly!

Enjoy 120 minutes of Robert being routed through Iceland, Sue trying not to eletrocute herself and Jen repeating, “Don’t go into labor.  Don’t go into labor!”

Our fourth episode will be recorded at 8pm EST on Thursday, August 23, 2012.  You can listen to the recording live and chat with your fellow Pouvians throughout by clicking the Live Stream tab at the top of the page on Thursday night.

If you have suggestions for future episodes, competitions, or topics you would like to hear about, visit the Poufwa forum from the sidebar on the right!

Happy listening!

Episode 2 – Eggs & Death

Episode 2 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, we’re all over the map, jumping from a Pouvian egg frying competition to behind-the-scenes, veritaserum-fueled war stories of our podcasting careers to that awkward moment when I made everybody cry only to be eclipsed by that awkward moment when Jen scared the crap out of everyone not currently residing in a hermetically sealed bubble.

Throughout the recording we loaded images onto this website in real time.  You can view them in chronological order below as you listen.

Our third episode will be released shortly in podcasting form, and our fourth episode will be recorded at 8pm EST on Thursday, August 23, 2012.  You can listen to the recording live and chat with your fellow Pouvians throughout by clicking the Live Stream tab at the top of the page on Thursday night.

If you have suggestions for future episodes, competitions, or topics you would like to hear about, visit the Poufwa forum from the sidebar on the right!

Happy listening!

Ryan’s Eggs
Jen’s Eggs
Bob’s Eggs
Sue’s Eggs



Episode 1- Good Morning Pouvwa; Kaden Darkcrest Becomes a Man

Episode 1 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Returning to our roots, I am joined by Jen Classic, Sue and Robert F. Spellcast, retconned as Bob, to launch a weekly podcast in the spirit of PotterFicWeekly, with weekly commentary on anything and everything of interest, from the world of Harry Potter to the fandoms that captivate us each week, to, let’s face it, the Jen stories and the unbelievably antics of our lives.

In tonight’s episode, the hosts take a Jen-devised employment screening test to see how ready they are to snapping.  Bob’s alter-ego becomes a man, Jen gets stranded in a pool house, Sue rescues her with a Harry Potter ringtone, and I monologue myself to death.

And Poufwa Richard makes everybody awkward.

Happy listening!  Be sure to join the chat during live recordings most Thursdays at 8pm EST.  Check PointOfViewWeekly.com for details!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the first live podcast in Poufwa history!  Here are some of the visual aids we promised from the recording.  Last names were redacted at the request of Jen’s Secret Service detail.