Special Edition 7 – Into the Goblin Lair

Welcome to our second D&D play session!  From over 3 months ago!  …Yeah, Scott hasn’t gotten any faster at editing.

In this episode, our intrepid adventurers attack the goblins on guard and check out the building they’ve been tracked back to, hoping to rescue the blacksmith’s kidnapped daughter.  Ander rushes in swinging, Zan lobs cantrips with abandon, and Tia does her best to keep them out of trouble. It doesn’t really work.  

Sadly Amy had a cold when this was recorded, so Zarra was inexpertly piloted by Scott.  She gets a few arrows in though.

Can our heroes overcome the goblins and escape with the girl?  And what are goblins doing in this old stone building, anyway?  Listen and find out!

Intro and extro music used with the kind permission of Ross Bugden.  They are edited from his pieces “Rapture” and “Drive” respectively.

Other music and sound effects used include:

all of which I found on Soundcloud via the Roll20 jukebox and used during play, though I had to add them back in for the podcast.  They’ve been further enhanced by a few effects from The Dungeons and Combat soundpads by Tabletop Audio, which are free to use with attribution (though Scott is also on his Patreon because these are good), and versions of

Those Scott found on ambient-mixer.com, which allows you to turn on and off sound effects in a posted ambience and also create your own.  They’re available under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License , which apparently isn’t supported for new stuff, but still counts for those things that already had it. :)

As of this posting, we still haven’t recorded the third episode, so who knows when it will arrive, but we’re hoping to get on that soon – probably in a few weeks when Scott is no longer rehearsing like mad.  In the meantime, sit back, relax, and we hope you enjoy our attempt at D&D!

Special Edition 6 – We Attack the Darkness

Greetings Pouvwanians, and welcome to the first of at least 2 (and knowing us, probably more like 3-5) special editions featuring Dungeons and Dragons.

In this episode, Sue, Colin, Bob, and Amy get together to create characters, meet up in a tavern, and discover something going on in the woods north of town.

Also in this episode: Bob’s character really wants to get drunk; Colin’s character likes to pay for things (sort of); Sue and Scott’s accents wander all over the place; and Amy hides in the shadows, either because she’s a rogue or to stay away from the crazy. Possibly both.

Intro and extro music used with the kind permission of Ross Bugden. They are edited from his pieces Rapture and Drive respectively.

Ambient effects used include:

The Tavern sound pad, Medieval Town, and Woodland Campsite by Tabletop Audio;
Forest at Night Roll20 by jackrain;
Forest by casenote,
all but the first of which are available through Roll20′s Jukebox, and all but the last of which I didn’t manage to use during the live gameplay. Hopefully I can keep on top of that next time, but at least I got to edit them in for your enjoyment.

Special Edition 5 – Let’s Do This In One!

Happy New Year from Poufwa!

To close out the year, we offer you an alternate take on our holiday play, And The Band Played On. With fifteen minutes on the clock, a baby about to cry at any moment, freak weather on the horizon and a desperate need to grocery shop, the hosts do it in one take.

Apologies to Scott and Cora. And Keebler Elves.

On behalf of all of us, thank you for your support in 2015! Stay safe, and we’ll see you all back with our fourth season premiere in a couple of weeks.

Happy listening!

Special Edition 4: And the Band Played On

Happy Holiday’s Poufwa.

Once upon a time Bob had a crazy idea, he talked Cora into sharing that idea with him and the rest as they say is history. Well maybe not history, but it will become Poufwa lore. So sit back with your egg nog and cookies and enjoy a Poufwa Play. Oh and introducing Danielle’s Dad as The Fat Friar.

The Hosts of Poufwa wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. Merry Christmas!!

Narrator: Scarlett
Fat Friar: Danielle’s Dad
Ryan: himself
Bob: himself
Sprout: Sue
Cora: herself
Scott: himself
Danielle: herself
Lily Moon: Moony

Writer: Cora

Special Edition 7: The One With Olaf!

Boats have always been a feature in Potterficweekly lore. We had LadyChi and Jen making Melinda cry over the “damn flipped over boat.” We had Mike and the “string pully boat” that he did not think he could drive. We had PS becoming a Merchant Marine. And most famously of all we had Jen getting pregnant on a boat. Well, have I got a boat story for you.
While everyone else in Boston was tucked up in a blizzard our illustrious Headmaster and his beautiful wife were spending time on a boat.
You don’t believe me? Well I don’t blame you, boats are associated with lies here on Poufwa, but I have proof. I have a secret recording.

Special Edition 6: It’s All In The Accent, Dahling!

The Aurors have found Sam, now all they have to do is get him back to the Ministry. What could go wrong?
Tune in and find out.

Special Edition 5: The B-Team

Behold, the long lost Beta of the Aurors. Finally you get to see what RPGing is all about as the B-Team takes command. Notice they keep their pants on, don’t trip the waitress and actually manage to have a coherent conversation. They also kill the owl. Join Kat as Moira, Colin as Andre, Michelle as Miranda and Rachel as Samantha as they attempt to talk with a witness and find the missing Aurora. Enjoy!

Special Edition 4 – The One With The Nuts

In the back of the Poufwa vault, we keep the podcasts that never saw the light of day: WIPs that were never finished – that kind of thing. Amongst these lost stories is a podcast we like to refer to as “the one with the nuts.”

This involves, of course, a Jen story.

“The one with the nuts” has been transferred and archived and nearly deleted over the last two years. It lost its’ time stamp at one point so we listened through it for clues. At one point, Jen references that she’s eight months pregnant. We contacted Jen immediately to have her verify the date. Jen, in a sharing mood, responded back with detailed information on the conception of her second child.

You thought the boat story was captivating.

So here is the story with this podcast. Two years after leaving PotterFicWeekly and after months of quiet at Poufwa Exchange, the original hosts spent their days puttering around their garages excessively vacuuming. One Tuesday, Poufwa Dave decided to kill time in Jen’s third trimester near a presidential election by tweeting things I said on a podcast five years before that I don’t remember ever saying. So nostalgic did he make me that I decided it was time for a Poufwa reunion.

I gathered pregnant Jen and her racist bucket of ye olde pecans, twitching Kezza and her daughters that sound like boys when they Wii, Rinna and her mysteriously manicured fingers, non-golfer Rae and the lovely wife Danielle to talk about the only two things in the world I wanted to talk about. I can’t tell you what the things were. I never talk about them, because of the pecans, explosive Harmony backlash, and Jen’s political career.

This episode is a lost pilot for PointOfViewWeekly. Because this recording so captures the Poufwanian madness, we knew we had to do this every week. Within hours of the recording, I was in touch with “Robert from Spellcast”, owner of this episode’s worst mention, and the rest is history.

Allow me to take this opportunity to apologize to the estate of Cory Monteith, scientologists, African Americans, and former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

This evening’s drinking game phrase is “The breasts of Lea Michele.”

Happy listening!

Special Edition 3: The Butcher of the Brothel

In this, our continuing saga of The Aurors, the fearless quartet take on the Boss of the Brothel. Eve arms herself against a Vampire, Jade arms herself with her earring and Nigel throws bodies around. In the meantime Liz protects us all with a haze of smoke. There is more going on here than meets the eye, as Jade confronts someone from her past. Eve breaks out her Animagus form and enters the fray. We congratulate Rosie AKA Abby for winning a “walk on role” by guessing what the Boss Bad Guy was. And we thank Scott for his magical editing skills in compressing a two hour podcast into five minutes and making us sound like the BadAss Aurors we are not.

Please join us on PotterFicForum February 9 – 15, 2014 for a Ball. We will be celebrating Poufwa’s Anniversary with an Aussie Day Ball. We’d love to see you there.

Special Edition 2: How Not to Penetrate a Brothel!

As our holiday gift to you, we give you a double episode of The Aurors! In this episode we welcome Bob as a Whovian and try really, really hard not to spoil him. We start an Auror’s drinking game, Jen has a PSA and Ryan’s safe word is “apples.” In the game Nigel has plumbing problems, Jade is the “bringer of death” and Liz tries to save us all. Introducing Hooter our newest member. We are really enjoying this game and hope you are having as much fun listening to our antics. Also, Sue may have been playing the drinking game while editing so she is not responsible for any mistakes along the way.

Special Edition One! We Made it a Year!!

Join us as we celebrate our one year anniversary with a “structured podcast.” In this episode we all meet up at the Three Broomsticks for a drink and to talk about why we are still podcasting after all these years. You will hear some things twice, but that’s just because they were funnier the second time around. We hope you enjoy our first Special Edition and a blast from the past as we all go back to SpellCast.