Episode 1- Good Morning Pouvwa; Kaden Darkcrest Becomes a Man

Episode 1 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

Returning to our roots, I am joined by Jen Classic, Sue and Robert F. Spellcast, retconned as Bob, to launch a weekly podcast in the spirit of PotterFicWeekly, with weekly commentary on anything and everything of interest, from the world of Harry Potter to the fandoms that captivate us each week, to, let’s face it, the Jen stories and the unbelievably antics of our lives.

In tonight’s episode, the hosts take a Jen-devised employment screening test to see how ready they are to snapping.  Bob’s alter-ego becomes a man, Jen gets stranded in a pool house, Sue rescues her with a Harry Potter ringtone, and I monologue myself to death.

And Poufwa Richard makes everybody awkward.

Happy listening!  Be sure to join the chat during live recordings most Thursdays at 8pm EST.  Check PointOfViewWeekly.com for details!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the first live podcast in Poufwa history!  Here are some of the visual aids we promised from the recording.  Last names were redacted at the request of Jen’s Secret Service detail.