Episode 100: We are Full of Shite

From August 19, 2015, the hosts of PointofViewWeeky celebrate our 100th episode!  This episode features an epic Pouwanian flash-from-the-past to discussion of The Goonies, Star Wars and West Wing to random bottom tingling.
Cora, our dedicated listener, editor and the only woman who could ship Ryan/Umbridge sums up Pouvwa in one sentence. “My favorite moments …are when Ryan decided to blow up the toilet during one of the Aurors episodes.” 
We’ll let that simmer.
If anyone else would like to share their favorite moments, please do so on the forum or on our Facebook page!
Don’t forget to hit the Dan Rydell baby pool at our forum at http://www.potterficforum.com/index.php?topic=7360.msg486661#msg486661.  Ryan reserves the right to both participate and feed Danielle jalepeno peppers at any time.
Happy 100th Everyone!!