Episode 105: Better Twice Than Not At All

Recorded September 23, 2015.

Tonight we are Live once again, thanks to Bob. We have an unusual intro hijacker, an evil presence and someone worse than Ryan. And it’s all the same person. We talk about various fandoms and show. We indulge in the special things that JKR has to say. We take a walk down Dalek Lane, where Sue enjoys hanging out. And to make our live podcast “legal” we invite our live listeners to join us in a game of QuipLash. It’s surprisingly a lot of fun.

We will do our best to have other live game nights soon. Stay tuned to the Poufwa Skype chat and the Facebook group for live podcast updates.

We will be ending our season soon as we welcome a new Poufwanian to the group and get ready for the holiday season. Don’t worry, we have planed an amazing audio drama for you for the holidays. So you’ll not be without us for too long.

Happy listening!