Episode 11 – Mr. Handy, Bob’s on Drugs and Willard Breaks Jen!

Episode 11 of POVWeekly has been released!

In this episode, we take a jump to the left and a step to the right and fall into a time warp! That’s a dramatic way of saying I dropped the episodes in the editing bay and put them on the wrong shelves. This episode was recorded the week before Halloween and should have been Episode 10. Aside from the hurricane that hit New England in the last episode being spotted around the Horn of Africa in this one, it’s all good!

This week, we learn what happened to my engine that has my mechanic still laughing at me to this day. Sue’s Mom has a near death experience, and Dethryl gets married…again. He may have been married last week. Just go with it.

Jen feels she’s not enough of a whore, I reconsider my mental image of her father, mean things happen to cats, and the review on my large and unfortunately shaped microphone is finally in!

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Happy listening!