Episode 111 – It’s Not Niffle! It’s Nipple!

Recorded on February 9, 2016

Episode 111 has been released!

In tonight’s episode, we play Jackbox games and offer in-depth coverage of the New Hampshire primary, which boils down to me screaming at my TV like a maniac!

We also break the glass around the Poufwanian Constitution to double-check the line of succession when I’m viciously attacked moments in the episode.

Bob’s mother finds him a lady friend, I send all my money to the Cayman Islands, Danielle discovers she’s from the future, and Ella does an extended Darth Vader impression! Sue just hears voices, and we’re on hold with Canada for much of the episode!

We are proud to introduce a new segment – Bob’s Burgers! Listen to Bob describe beef for five straight minutes!

Happy Listening!