Episode 112: Ryan Breaks out the Sock Puppets

Recorded on February 24

Tune in tonight to find out who Danielle will “Marry, Bang, Kill.” We also find out how John Barrowman answers that same question. Danielle is having a tired night, as Ella has had her shots and is protesting them by not letting herself be put down. Sue’s new router isn’t going to do what she thinks it’s going to do and Bob tells us what “creeps him out.” Sue and Scott recap some of the fun they had at Portland’s Wizard Con.

In the background the POV cast attempts to burn down the place again, this time using leaking water to spark things up. April provides them with new digs, but they don’t want to move. Finally Bob finds the magic button and everyone rushes to the showers, except Ryan, who rushes for COFFEE! There may be some reality to our Sims. Thanks so much April for our new house.

We hope you enjoy the show.