Episode 23 – A Full Body Podcast

Episode 23 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, the hosts discuss healthy eating, weight loss and exercise techniques. The conversation is so lively that I can’t even wedge in a monologue! In all seriousness, it’s a great discussion about great strides our hosts and listeners are making to improve the quality of their lives.

Some phrases you may here in this episode –

“Eczema – Friend or Foe”

“Allergic to dirt”

“2 Years of Hives”

“Portion control”

“Ryan’s GI Tract” (Always a winner!)

“Meal size versus snacking”


“Jen’s love of chewing”

“Sneaking veggies”

“How to shop”

We hope you enjoy this episode. Please keep your stories coming and let us know if this is a topic you’d like to hear more on!

Happy listening!