Episode 30 – We’re Not Willing To Pay For Wil Wheaton

Episode 30 of POVWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s episode, we discuss racist board games, have a Star Trek/Star Wars trivia faceoff, and I dive headfirst into a closet. In preparation for the first game of The Aurors in our next podcast, we have an on-air planning session and flesh out our characters. Since it sounds like an algebra test exploded, we’ve attached our notes from the planning session in the show notes.

Happy listening, and don’t miss The Aurors in our next podcast, and for the gamers out there check out the Poufwa Steam page, to be discussed in Episode 32. Link is on the website!

Danielle’s Notes
Sue’s Notes, Part 1
Sue’s Notes, Part 2
Ryan’s Notes
Jen’s Notes, Part 1
Jen’s Notes, Part 2
Jen’s Notes, Part 3