Episode 42: Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Bacon, Oh My!

In this episode we learn what happened to Lee, find out about bacon and talk about TV shows you have to watch.  Then Ryan takes over the show and monologues.  Ryan and Danielle tell of their adventures in Hogwarts and in Cardiff.  They didn’t know the Harry Potter Studio Tour existed until they got to London, it’s a good thing they didn’t find out about it after they got home.  Ryan and Danielle spent their anniversary in Cardiff enjoying Doctor Who food.  They had a grand time discovering all the places DW was filmed and eating out at the best burger joints. We feel sorry for Bob who hasn’t been bit by the Doctor Who bug yet.  It’s just a matter of time, Bob. If you want to see the pictures mentioned in this podcast, find Poufwa on Facebook and send us a friend request, we’d love to have you.