Episode 50: We’re Cooking Again!

In this, our 50th episode, we go old school and grill cheese sandwiches. Once again we get to see Bob’s great lighting, Sue has a new stove and Ryan and Danielle have a whole new kitchen. They also make a unique grilled cheese option. We begin the podcast typically, with sound issues, but this time Sue is too loud for Ryan and Danielle, so she has to use her “happy sex phone voice.” We decide Jen and Bob must be getting divorced since they can’t be on the podcast together. *sadness* We talk about shows, books and cooking. Even though Jen can’t make it to the podcast, we get to hear two Jen stories. Our person of the podcast is Moony, AKA Selena. Sue traumatized her with stories of decapitated heads and roller coasters. In other news, we all agree that Ryan #marriedup.

Here are the videos:
Bob’s Grilled Cheese
Ryan and Danielle’s
Sue’s Sandwich