Episode 57 – Ryan’s Enormous Bubba

Episode 57 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

It’s the Ryan, Danielle and Bob show tonight.  Sue’s producer’s chair is empty as she’s recording a PFW author interview next door.  (The parking lot up in Fargo is completely full.  All four spots are taken.)   Ryan jokes about not having edited in quite a bit, so of course he edited this one while similtaneously watching It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, World.  You’d never know.

We rise (unexpectedly) to the occasion and get quite a bit done. The first third of the episode is devoted to an analysis of Ryan’s gaming skills.  In the event you are not familiar and tripped over tonight’s episode in a another desperate search for the One Gay Unicorn podcast, Ryan cannot drive without hitting gas stations.  Now Bob has him gaming.   Danielle and Bob fill the second third of the episode with a discussion of the upcoming Star Wars trilogy (Ryan takes this moment to make the loudest cup of coffee in Fargo history.) and we close out the night discussing our favorite OTPs of all time.

For those of you considering marriage, please use the teaser of tonight’s episode as a role playing exercise for what not to do when your wife tries to moisten your kidneys.

Happy listening!