Episode 63: You Don’t Need to See to Podcast.

Thank you for joining us as we begin our Third Season of POVW!!  We never thought it would last this long, but we are thrilled it has and that you continue to listen to our craziness.  Tonight’s episode follows our pattern of insanity as Bob drops the rest of the hosts into TomodachiLife and madness ensues.  Danielle is the friend to have and the rest of us do not get along.  We move on to Danielle’s favorite movie, Labyrinth. None of the rest of us had seen this before, we don’t love it as much as Danielle, but most of us liked it.  Along the way we find out Bob has contact problems, Sue didn’t get tires and Scarlett has a kidney stone.  

Enjoy the links of Bob’s TomadachiLife pictures of us.

All of us
More Dancing
Ryan and Danielle
Ryan and Bob
Ryan and Jen
Ryan and Sue
Jen and Danielle
Jen and Sue
Danielle and Sue
Bob and Danielle
Bob and Jen
Bob and Sue