Episode 95 – Peg-legging Didn’t Beat It; Bob Wants Us To Be Bi

Episode 95 of PointOfViewWeekly has been released!

For July 7, 2015, we discuss our Star Trek FATE characters, get sex ed from Bob, and remember that time Danielle got drunk in Episode 24. Our sound quality was pretty bad in the raw episode but the creative editing managed to save it. Sue at points is played by Sue from another dimension.

The homework for this episode is to watch the following Star Trek episodes.

From Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 4 – The Wounded
Season 6 – Relics

From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season 1 – Duet
Season 2 – Blood Oath (and if you have time, keep watching the next two episodes, The Maquis, Parts 1&2.)

Happy listening!