Episode 4 – Live, Hot and Flowing

Episode 4 of POVWeekly has been released!

In this week’s episode, Jen, Baby Emma and her microwave enjoy a bubble bath, Bob takes his pants off and walks us through his version of a smut lockdown, Sue is the only member of our team to successfully record video, and I host a sport segment. If you never quite understood the rules of football, I have your back.

Starting this week, we take questions and topics on the spot from our now-deafened live chat. We chime in on everything from integrating Internet friends into our lives to gaming to Star Wars vs. Star Trek. We also give an early birthday present to our soon-to-be newest Poufwa baby.

Incase you were wondering, Sue & Bob are five seconds in the past and the IT department went to a bar. I also sound like I’m in the crappy dryer Julia used to own before she got rid of it for the state of the art dryer you remember from PotterFicWeekly. This gets resolved about half-way in, so hang on tight!

This week is Harry Potter beverage week!

Sue makes pumpkin juice!  Video here.


…and I make butterbeer. With help. My hands aren’t that pretty.


Next week, double-assignment.   Send pictures of yourself performing a cryptic talent (listen for the explanation on the podcast, not that it’s any more clear!) and write a time capsule note for Baby Emma.

Happy listening!