Special Edition 6 – We Attack the Darkness

Greetings Pouvwanians, and welcome to the first of at least 2 (and knowing us, probably more like 3-5) special editions featuring Dungeons and Dragons.

In this episode, Sue, Colin, Bob, and Amy get together to create characters, meet up in a tavern, and discover something going on in the woods north of town.

Also in this episode: Bob’s character really wants to get drunk; Colin’s character likes to pay for things (sort of); Sue and Scott’s accents wander all over the place; and Amy hides in the shadows, either because she’s a rogue or to stay away from the crazy. Possibly both.

Intro and extro music used with the kind permission of Ross Bugden. They are edited from his pieces Rapture and Drive respectively.

Ambient effects used include:

The Tavern sound pad, Medieval Town, and Woodland Campsite by Tabletop Audio;
Forest at Night Roll20 by jackrain;
Forest by casenote,
all but the first of which are available through Roll20′s Jukebox, and all but the last of which I didn’t manage to use during the live gameplay. Hopefully I can keep on top of that next time, but at least I got to edit them in for your enjoyment.