Special Edition 7 – Into the Goblin Lair

Welcome to our second D&D play session!  From over 3 months ago!  …Yeah, Scott hasn’t gotten any faster at editing.

In this episode, our intrepid adventurers attack the goblins on guard and check out the building they’ve been tracked back to, hoping to rescue the blacksmith’s kidnapped daughter.  Ander rushes in swinging, Zan lobs cantrips with abandon, and Tia does her best to keep them out of trouble. It doesn’t really work.  

Sadly Amy had a cold when this was recorded, so Zarra was inexpertly piloted by Scott.  She gets a few arrows in though.

Can our heroes overcome the goblins and escape with the girl?  And what are goblins doing in this old stone building, anyway?  Listen and find out!

Intro and extro music used with the kind permission of Ross Bugden.  They are edited from his pieces “Rapture” and “Drive” respectively.

Other music and sound effects used include:

all of which I found on Soundcloud via the Roll20 jukebox and used during play, though I had to add them back in for the podcast.  They’ve been further enhanced by a few effects from The Dungeons and Combat soundpads by Tabletop Audio, which are free to use with attribution (though Scott is also on his Patreon because these are good), and versions of

Those Scott found on ambient-mixer.com, which allows you to turn on and off sound effects in a posted ambience and also create your own.  They’re available under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License , which apparently isn’t supported for new stuff, but still counts for those things that already had it. :)

As of this posting, we still haven’t recorded the third episode, so who knows when it will arrive, but we’re hoping to get on that soon – probably in a few weeks when Scott is no longer rehearsing like mad.  In the meantime, sit back, relax, and we hope you enjoy our attempt at D&D!