About the Show

The mug says it all.

We never imagined how difficult, time consuming, life altering, and beyond rewarding our podcasting ‘hobby’ would be, or how much we’d miss those days.

Welcome to Pouvwa, where our story never ends.




A podcasting rockstar, Jen enjoys fan art of Draco Malfoy wearing leather, Mr. Darthy, every TV show currently available on DVD aside from the ones Ryan buys her, and frequently disguises herself in public by wearing a large scarf across her face. Her favorite color is red.


Sue discovered PotterFicWeekly through Melindaleo’s mailing list.  She wanted to say hello but didn’t even know how to post to the forum.  With hard work, Sue progressed from loyal listener to guest host to co-producer of the PeonCast segment to finally taking charge of the podcast itself.  Between bantering with Hat and swearing at her chickens, Sue works tirelessly behind the scenes making PotterFicWeekly’s fifth and sixth seasons a reality.  She is very excited to join her friends in this new podcast adventure.

19,000 posts later, Sue is the heart of the Poufwa community.