The Aurors

Here are the episodes that include The Aurors, Poufwa’s RPG.

Episode 21 – Introducing Eve Bishop, Nigel Applebee, Elizabeth Strider & Jade McDonald; RPG Fleshout.

Episode 25 – No Pants, No Fish; RPG Practice Session.

Episode 30 – We’re Not Willing To Pay For Wil Wheaton; The Aurors Planning Session.

Episode 31 – The Aurors Kick Butt; The first in the Aurors RPG

Episode 41 – Ryan Wears a Funny Hat; The Aurors write stories about their past and we play the next part of The Aurors, Scene 1 Part 2.

Special Episode 2: How Not to Penetrate a Brothel!; A double episode of the Aurors, Scene 1 parts 3 and 4.

Special Edition 3: The Butcher of the Brothel; We fight the Boss of the Brothel. Go Aurors!

Episode 53: Ryan Keeps It Up and Sue Tortures Him!; The end of Session 1 of the Aurors.

Special Edition 5: The B-Team; The Auror Beta podcast.

Special Edition 6: It’s All In The Accent, Darling!!; Season 2, Episode 1 of The Aurors