(July 21, 2012) Special Edition 4: The One With The Nuts  A 2012 Poufwa Reunion packed with Jen stories; lost pilot to PointOfViewWeekly

(8/4/2012)   Episode 1 – Good Morning Pouvwa: Kaden Darkcrest Becomes a Man; Handwriting Analysis

(8/8/2012)   Episode 2 – Eggs & Death; Egg Frying Competition

(8/16/2012) Episode 3 -Free of Sewage!;  Portraits 101

(8/23/2012) Episode 4 -Live, Hot and Flowing;  Harry Potter Beverage Making

(8/30/2012) Episode 5 -Locksmiths & Pianos; Cryptic Talents

(9/6/2012) Episode 6 – Harmonians, Sad Feet and a Pizza Place; Animals

(9/20/2012) Episode 7 – Untitled!; Too Poufwanian for Homework; Jen Has a Kid for Ratings

(10/4/2012) Episode 8 – Ryan’s Crotch, Danielle’s Crush, and Bob Kills a Man; Ryan’s Anniversary; Fandom Discussions

(10/18/2012) Episode 9 – A Conundrum in a Pickle; Disney World & Murder Mystery Recaps

(11/1/2012) Episode 10 – David Bowie In Tight Pants + Willard; Hurricane Sandy & Star Wars

(10/25/2012) Episode 11 – Mr. Handy, Bob’s on Drugs & Willard Breaks Jen!; Time-Warp!

(11/8/2012) Episode 12 – Bananas to Bananas, Five Kindles, and Bob’s Pants; Apples to Apples

(11/29/2012) Episode 13 – Thank God It’s Poufwa!; Classic TV, TGIF, Boy Meets World discussion

(12/13/2012) Episode 14 – Merry Christmas, Pouvwa!; Listener Call-In

(12/7/2012) Episode 15 – Bob & Ryan Are Whipped!; Host Crushes

(1/3/2013) Epic meltdown caused by the Martian Death Flu.

(1/10/2013) Episode 16 – Bring Your Family To Work, and Oh, Spock’s Dead…; Meet the Family

(1/17/2013) Episode 17 – The Breaking Up of Jen and Sue; Pouvwa Nominations

(1/25/2013) Episode 18 – If Zombies Take Over the World, We’re All Going to Sue’s…; Pouvwa Awards

(2/1/2013) Episode 19 – The One With the Hanging Chad; Baby Pictures

(2/21/2013) Episode 20 – Ryan’s Question, Bob’s Moment of Zen and Zombies!; General TV Discussion

(2/28/2013) Episode 21 – Introducing Eve Bishop, Nigel Applebee, Elizabeth Strider & Jade McDonald; RPG Fleshout

(3/7/2013) Episode 22 – Poufwa Babysits, Chi Returns and the Vomit Reboot; LadyChi visits Texas

(3/21/2013) Episode 23 – A Full Body Podcast; Healthy eating; nutrition; weight loss; exercise; skin conditions

(4/4/2013) Episode 24: Who Will Survive the Longest?; Zombie-Survival Quiz; Tipsy Danielle

(4/11/2013) Episode 25 – No Pants, No Fish; RPG Practice Session

(4/25/2013) Episode 26 – Ryan Tempted the Poufwa Gods; TV Recommendations

(5/9/2013) Episode 27 – Everybody Wii’s, Sometimes; Classic Video Games

(5/16/2013) Episode 28 – Ryan is a Hoarder not a Whore; 2013 Fall TV Lineup

(5/23/2013) Episode 29 – Harry Potter and His Adventures With Bob; Star Trek Into Darkness; The Name of the Doctor.

(5/30/2013) Episode 30 – We’re Not Willing To Pay For Wil Wheaton; The Aurors Planning Session.

(6/6/13) Episode 31 – The Aurors Kick Butt; The first in the Aurors RPG

(6/20/13) Episode 32 – Bob Monologues and Ryan Wants More Cats; Bob tells us about online games and systems.

(6/27/13) Episode 33 – The Little Show that Tried; Bob and Danielle play Star Wars Trivia. Everyone talks about dates gone wrong.

(7/11/13) Episode 34 – Ryan, Don’t Touch That Button!!; We are all over the place, gardening, snakes, Doctor Who, LeakyCon and a table. New intro debut.

(7/18/13) Episode 35 – Danielle Drops the F-Bomb; Book reviews including The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Mortal Instruments. Muggle Hustle readings.

(8/08/13) Episode 36 – Anime; Anime recs from Bob.

(8/14/13) Episode 37 – If You Don’t Do It Right, It Will Kill You!; Farming tales from Sue, Ryan’s Kidney surgery, Danielle’s broccoli and Jen’s grumpy day.

(9/4/13) Episode 38 – Ryan’s Grumpy, Bob’s Back and Jen Calls it In; More Sword Art Online, Drawings of our favorite characters and Jen tells about the next game we are going to play.

(9/10/13) Episode 39 – Brought to You by the Number 12!; A rant from Jen, then we play “Say Anything.

(9/18/13) Episode 40 – Poufwa takes out the Trash!!!; Ryan and Danielle have a spat, we find out our power colors and talk about TV shows that should be movies and movies that should be TV shows.

(9/26/13) Episode 41 – Ryan Wears a Funny Hat; The Aurors write stories about their past and we play the next part of The Aruors, Scene 1 Part 2.

(8/15/13) Special Episode 1 – We Made it a Year; We go back in time to SpellCast days and talk about our first year as Pouvwanians.

(10/21/13) Episode 42 – Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Bacon, Oh My!; We discuss TV shows you have to watch and listen to Ryan and Danielle tell about their London trip.

(11/07/13) Episode 43: Sue’s in Goonieland with Free Willie and the Governator!; We talk about Social Media Etiquette, pets and food”.

(11/14/13) Episode 44 – We Put the Fan in Fanfic; We discuss fanfic, fandoms and what we are reading now.

(12/9/12 and 12/17/12) Special Episode 2 – How Not to Penetrate a Brothel!; A double episode of the Aurors.

(12/03/13) Episode 45 – Bob’s Back, TV Shows and Our Friend Etai; We discuss The Doctor Who 50th Special, the Finale of Walking Dead and talk with Etai for a few minutes.

(1/16/14) Special Edition 3: The Butcher of the Brothel; We fight the Boss of the Brothel. Go Aurors!

(1/16/14) Episode 46: “Ryan, it’s Fine!”; We talk about New Years Resolutions and our favorite things of 2013.

(1/28/14) Episode 47: “The Queens of Poufwa are Pregnant!”; We enjoy some adult beverages and play a naughty version of Scattergories.

(2/6/14) Episode 48: Brought to you by Oat Mo!”; Melindaleo drops by to discuss Jo’s latest bombshell and we discuss more Anime.

(2/17/14) Episode 49: Stay in the Frakking House, Carl!!!”; We talk TV Shows, Scarlett and Ryan says the F word, a lot.

(3/6/14) Episode 50: We’re Cooking Again!!”; We celebrate out 50th episode by cooking grilled cheese sandwiches.

(3/13/14) Episode 51: Cutting the Cord!”; We talk cutting the cord, Vicar of Dibley and gardening.

(3/20/14) Episode 52: Cat Pee and Look at the Flowers “; We talk Cat Litter Boxes, Walking Dead, Thrilling Adventure Hour.

(3/25/14) Episode 53: Ryan Keeps It Up and Sue Tortures Him!; The end of Session 1 of the Aurors and more Walking Dead.

(4/1/14) Episode 54: It’s Finale Week and Jen’s a Harmonian!; Walking Dead, HIMYM and Harmonian Jen, with special guests Jen2, Etai and Chi.

(4/9/14) Episode 55: Podcasting from the Bath, eharmony and Keep the Tip.; Harry Potter Next Gen Quiz and Tipping practices.

(4/22/14) Episode 56: Taco Bell, Danielle’s Bike Dream, Visits; (We are all over the map on this one)

(5/7/14) Episode 57: Ryan’s Enormous Bubba;  Favorite OTPs, Star Wars discussion, Ryan’s Gaming Debut

(5/12/14) Episode 58: The One Without Stephen Amell’s Abs;  Arrow discussion with Lady Chi.

(5/20/14) Episode 59: Happy 4th of July, Now Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!;  We play What’s Yours Like and Dirty Minds

(6/6/14) Episode 60: It’s Kezza and a Whale of a Podcast;  Kezza returns. We talk about pets, dating, whales, kidney stones and Australian politics.

(6/11/14) Episode 61: Yes Ma’am, Flirting and AFIOS  The Fault in Our Stars

(6/18/14) Episode 62: Hockey, Wings and LOLs  Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel

(6/25/14) Episode 63: You Don’t Need to See to Podcast.  TomodachiLife and Labyrinth

(7/2/14) Episode 64: Poufwa is like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Girl Meets World the show and Boy Meets World trivia. Happy Poufwa Day!

(7/7/14) Episode 65: Jen’s Leather Fetish Is Burning Sword Art Online; Series 2 Premiere

(7/14/14) Episode 66: Jen’s Back and Bob Eats It! Flight of the Navigator

(7/21/14) Episode 67: Live, In Living Color Seventh Anniversary of Deathly Hallows release. (Cards Against Humanity in the Potterficforum restricted section)

(7/31/14) Episode 68: Life is Better in Oregon Fisher family vacation to OR.

(8/6/14) Episode 69: Cowabunga Dudes!!! Jo’s letter to a fan, review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

(8/15/14) Episode 70: Bob’s Secretly an African American Woman Our tribute to Robin Williams and our discussion of Ready Player One.

(8/20/14) Episode 71: Jen is Not Naked and Bob has a Stroke. SAO and Girl Meet World

(Who Knows When?) Special Edition 5: The B-Team; The Auror Beta podcast.

(9/2/14) Episode 72: Look a Dinosaur!! New Doctor Who, SAO and what’s coming in The Aurors.

(9/9/14) Episode 73: Sue is AWOL Trashing lifestream, SAO, gaming and fan films

(9/30/14) Episode 74: Podcasters Don’t Let Podcasters Drink AloneL Doctor Who, We’re Alive

(10/28/14) Episode 75: #youshouldbelisteningtoPoufwa Geeky hosts

(11/5/14) Episode 76: Reach Out and Touch Someone Egg Nog, Umbridge, Doctor Who and SAO

(9/24/14) Special Edition 6: It’s All In The Accent, Darling!!! Season 2, Episode 1 of The Aurors.

(12/2/14) Episode 77: Ryan’s Time Hop  Star Wars Trailer, Emma and Smelling the bed sheets

(12/16/14) Episode 78: Ryan is Not Melindaleo  Anime, Christmas Movie Trivia and Kezza and Scott join the crew.

(1/20/15) Episode 79: Mike’s Secret is Finally Out Our discussion of City of Bones

(2/4/15) Episode 80: Danielle’s All Up In Your Business Wild Blue Yonder and a sex quiz

(2/11/15) Episode 81: The One with the Love Letters Love letters to our favorite characters and a discussion of Sherlock

(2/18/15) Episode 82: Danielle’s Still Mad and Ryan Wears Flannel Forum member Fan letter, Ryan pays the bills and FTL.

(3/04/15) Episode 83: Frank Underwood Killed Jed Bartlet Scattergories, Goodbye Leonard, House of Cards, Roller coaster.

(3/25/15) Episode 84: Sue is the Jen of Directors Broadchurch, entertainment news.

(4/29/15) Special Edition 7: The One With Olaf  Special Announcement from Ryan and Danielle

(4/17/15) Episode 85: He Needed to Have Dropped a Stone or Two  The Way and our game shelves.

(4/14/15) Episode 86: We Can’t “Say Anything”  We play Say Anything

(5/19/15) Episode 87 – Not So Damp, Wholesome TV with BIFFLEs”  Game of Thrones, CA Drought and Name the Baby

(4/22/15) Episode 88 – Kezza is High and 2.5 Feet of Kink”  Kezza, Kinky Boots

(4/28/15) Episode 89: Bob on Bees”  Memories of the Future Discussion. And bees.

(5/12/15) Episode 90: It Only Took Ten Years”  Firefly discussion

(6/2/15) Episode 91: Bobby is Armed and It’s All Ryan’s Fault”  Melindaleo is writing again, Bob’s got zombies and we show what we love and hate about our homes.

(6/9/15) Episode 92: Sue is a Horny Cologist”  Sue’s visiting Boston, Melinda has been kidnapped and we talk favorite podcasts.

(6/23/15) Episode 93: Checking for Leeches Down There”  Stand by Me and more of the Boston visit.

(7/1/15) Episode 94: The One Where We’re Controversial   Gilmore Guys Podcast, Marriage equality, Canada and Grace and Frankie

(7/7/15) Episode 95: Peg-legging Didn’t Beat It; Bob Wants Us To Be Bi   FATE characters

(7/22/15) Episode 96: It’s Up! Bob’s a Diva   School prayer, drugging Ryan and Star Trek shows for FATE

(7/29/15) Episode 97: Would You Rather Shoot Mist in Demark   Would you Rather Poufwa style.

(8/4/15) Episode 98: We’re So Angry We Feel Like Swearing  The Last Starfighter review. Radio play staring Ryan and Bob on a double date with Bella and Umbridge.

(8/12/15) Episode 99: Wil Wheaton does Melindaleo  Armada

(8/19/15) Episode 100: We are Full of Shite  Our 100th episode/clip show of memories.

(8/27/15) Episode 101: Let’s Eat  Our favorite pre or post podcast foods

(9/2/15) Episode 102: This One is for Tricia!!  Bob sick, host drawings of favorite fictional places.

(9/8/15) Episode 103: We Spell A Lot  Baby shower news, FATE

(9/15/15) Episode 104:Ryan’s AT It Again!  Session 2 of FATE

(9/23/15) Episode 105: Better Twice Than Not At All  Fandoms, Shows and Quiplash

(9/28/15) Episode 106: It’s FATE! FATE Game

(10/12/15) Episode 107: Happy Thanksgiving…Canada!! West Wing Discussion

(10/19/15) Episode 108: POVW Says Goodbye…For Now Why we podcast, what’s in a name, and a smoothie is made.

Special Edition 4: And the Band Played On Poufwa Skit and Holiday Episode.

Special Edition 5: Let’s Do This in One! Poufwa Skit take two.

(1/12/16) Episode 109: Pouvwa’s on Fire! Star Wars – The Force Awakens and RIP Alan Rickman. Introducing Ella.

(1/26/16) Episode 110: Geriatric Love in All the Wrong Places! Movie Battles Re: Harry Potter

(2/09/16) Episode 111: It’s Not Niffle! It’s Nipple! New Hampshire Primary, Jackbox Games

(2/24/16) Episode 112: Ryan Breaks out the Sock Puppets Ella is cranky, Sue and Scott recap Portland’s Wizard World Con

(3/22/16) Episode 113: Poufwa on Weddings Lady Chi guest hosts. We talk weddings, Arrow, The Flash.

(4/16/16) Episode 114: Bob’s Busy with Bronchitis Review of Fantastic Beasts trailer and chatting.

(5/10/16) Episode 115: Have a Lice Day Jen2 returns while having a very bad buggy week.

(6/07/16) Episode 116: Sue’s a Debby Downer Death of the alpaca.

(6/26/16) Episode 117: RIP Richard, AKA Lonely Riddle Pokemon Internet woes, Star Trek Fan Film woes and we love Jo

(7/19/16) Episode 118 – Trumping Pokémon Bob and Scott explain Pokémon to Ryan; Ryan vents on the Trump RNC

(7/26/16) Episode 119 – Ryan Targeted by the Russians Ilvermorny houses and Ryan on the DNC

(8/9/16) Episode 120 – Poufwa Reviews The Cursed Child The Cursed Child

(9/13/16) Episode 121 – Math with Bob Planning Ella’s birthday bash. Star Wars and Star Trek

(11/15/16) Episode 122 – Poufwa on Politics The election and Ella’s birthday stories

(12/14/16) Episode 123 – Bob has Lost His F-ing Mind Ryan’s rant on Gilmore Girls, Bob’s rant on Fantastic Beasts and the Fishers open a gift.

(03/15/17) Episode 124 – We Missed Something Ghosts, D&D and Oops we missed our anniversary podcast.

(05/02/17) Episode 125 – Fishers Finally Finished Fantastic Beasts Fantastic Beast discussion

(09/25/17) Episode 126 – It’s a Poufwa Night! Who knows what’s in this one.

(10/17/17) Episode 127 – We are Bob We are Bob, the book. Turtles Down Under and the new Star Trek

(02/08/18) Episode 127 – We are Bob We are Bob, the book. Turtles Down Under and the new Star Trek