Episode 44: We Put the Fan in Fanfic

In this episode we put Jen in charge of the topic and take a journey through fanfic. We start out with Sue missing, Ryan on a new computer and Future Bob. Jen asks the question “What brings us back to Harry Potter?” We talk about what we used to love, what we are looking for now and what we can’t stand to read anymore. Jen gives her thoughts on the epilogue, you might want a hard hat. Harry Potter brought us together, made us friends and then we became family. Harry Potter seems to be the timeless fandom, other fandoms try, but don’t make the grade. If you have comments on fanfic, please check out the forum or join the Poufwa Facebook so you can make your feelings known, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you are paying attention, you may finally find out what gift Mike mailed to Jen that went missing.