Episode 38: Ryan’s Grumpy, Bob’s Back and Jen Calls it In

In this episode we are happy to welcome Bob back to the fold.  We get a Jen story, straight from Ryan’s phone, then find out we aren’t live.  Oops!  Hang in there through the tech stuff, it’s a bit noisy, but worth it.  Ryan is upset with his granite guy, Bob is wearing clothes and Danielle is moved to tears.  Spoiler Alert, we talk about Sword Art Online and kick the listeners off who don’t want to be spoiled.  Come back at the one hour mark.  Our homework this week was to draw a fictional character we like, check out the pictures on the website.  Jen tells us about the game we are going to play next episode.  If you want to see the right way to play, check out Table Top.

Bob’s Artwork


Ryan’s Artwork


Danielle’s Artwork



Jen’s Artwork



Sue’s Artwork