Special Edition 4 – The One With The Nuts

In the back of the Poufwa vault, we keep the podcasts that never saw the light of day: WIPs that were never finished – that kind of thing. Amongst these lost stories is a podcast we like to refer to as “the one with the nuts.”

This involves, of course, a Jen story.

“The one with the nuts” has been transferred and archived and nearly deleted over the last two years. It lost its’ time stamp at one point so we listened through it for clues. At one point, Jen references that she’s eight months pregnant. We contacted Jen immediately to have her verify the date. Jen, in a sharing mood, responded back with detailed information on the conception of her second child.

You thought the boat story was captivating.

So here is the story with this podcast. Two years after leaving PotterFicWeekly and after months of quiet at Poufwa Exchange, the original hosts spent their days puttering around their garages excessively vacuuming. One Tuesday, Poufwa Dave decided to kill time in Jen’s third trimester near a presidential election by tweeting things I said on a podcast five years before that I don’t remember ever saying. So nostalgic did he make me that I decided it was time for a Poufwa reunion.

I gathered pregnant Jen and her racist bucket of ye olde pecans, twitching Kezza and her daughters that sound like boys when they Wii, Rinna and her mysteriously manicured fingers, non-golfer Rae and the lovely wife Danielle to talk about the only two things in the world I wanted to talk about. I can’t tell you what the things were. I never talk about them, because of the pecans, explosive Harmony backlash, and Jen’s political career.

This episode is a lost pilot for PointOfViewWeekly. Because this recording so captures the Poufwanian madness, we knew we had to do this every week. Within hours of the recording, I was in touch with “Robert from Spellcast”, owner of this episode’s worst mention, and the rest is history.

Allow me to take this opportunity to apologize to the estate of Cory Monteith, scientologists, African Americans, and former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

This evening’s drinking game phrase is “The breasts of Lea Michele.”

Happy listening!