Episode 58: The One Without Stephen Amell’s Abs

In this episode, Lady Chi joins the crew. We find out she’s going to visit Jen and is being billed as a Celebrity Guest. Ryan and Danielle want to see what everyone is talking about, so they watch the first episode of Arrow. They are going to continue watching as soon as Danielle wipes away the drool. Since they aren’t up on Arrow, they take a break and Bob, Sue and Chi continue the Arrow discussion. Apparently Skype is having trouble with Kansas, so you may have some trouble understanding Chi, but stick with it, she has good things to say. Sue doesn’t follow the comics, so she’s lost at several points along the way. Chi wants to know who everyone “ships” and teaches us the names of each one. Sue’s mind is blown when she learns that Isabel Rochev is also River from Firefly. Ryan and Danielle come back in time to say “goodnight.” We hope you enjoy our coverage of Arrow.